Saturday afternoon fun with lashes

I’ve never worn false lashes before. A friend gave me two sets of Ardell lashes a few years ago and I never got around to trying them. But I saw a tutorial on Beautylish and decided that I would finally give it a try. It looks easy, right?

Since I have sensitive skin, I did a spot test on my wrist for 24 hours to see if I would take a reaction to the adhesive. Thankfully after 24 hours, my skin showed no signs of sensitivity. I circled the spot since the adhesive dries invisibly.

Adhesive test

Thankfully after 24 hours, my skin showed no signs of sensitivity. Continue reading

Behind the Scenes at the Brash Attitude House

I need a better storage solution for my make-up! I have four clear plastic boxes to hold all of my make-up. It used to be enough. But now, things are in layers, so if I need something, I have to dig through until I find what I need. It is a bit of a mess!

I can either get a few more of the same clear plastic boxes, or try a totally different storage solution.

behind the scenes1

How do you store your make-up? I’d love to know about your storage solution!

I keep my brushes in a glass so that the bristles don’t get damaged. But I saw a brush tree on the Beautylish instagram today that I must have, because it is perfect for drying your make-up brushes after cleaning them.

Isn’t it perfect? I might have to get one!

Hi, welcome to a brash attitude!

To have a brash attitude is to be assertive, confident, bold, audacious, and daring.

For one person, being brash might be to try a color or product that they wouldn’t normally think of using. For someone else, it might mean super-bold, dramatic or in-your-face type make-up look. Both are wonderful and should be encouraged!

I’ve dealt with having uber-sensitive skin my entire life so trying new things can be daunting. I’ve reacted to products that are baby-safe. Soaps and bubble baths, mascaras and lip balms, you name it, I can probably tell you that I’ve had a reaction to it!  Having sensitive skin does not mean that you have to miss out on amazing products, you just have to be a little more cautious about the products that you use. I read the ingredients labels and I test EVERYTHING on my wrist before it touches anywhere else on my body or face.  Because really, there is nothing worse than submerging yourself in a bubble bath only to suddenly fee the onset of a head to toe allergic reaction. Trust me, it sucks! Sensitive does not have to mean BORING! Continue reading