Behind the Scenes at the Brash Attitude House

I need a better storage solution for my make-up! I have four clear plastic boxes to hold all of my make-up. It used to be enough. But now, things are in layers, so if I need something, I have to dig through until I find what I need. It is a bit of a mess!

I can either get a few more of the same clear plastic boxes, or try a totally different storage solution.

behind the scenes1

How do you store your make-up? I’d love to know about your storage solution!

I keep my brushes in a glass so that the bristles don’t get damaged. But I saw a brush tree on the Beautylish instagram today that I must have, because it is perfect for drying your make-up brushes after cleaning them.

Isn’t it perfect? I might have to get one!

6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes at the Brash Attitude House

  1. I have that brush tree!!! I haven’t reviewed it yet b/c I’ve only used it for paintbrushes so far, LOL. (But it worked great for those!) I keep all my makeup in Rubbermaid storage bins — the kind with the drawers. Plus I have some odds and ends I picked up from the office supply store for brushes and pencils.


    1. Daena, I’d love to read your review of the brush tree! I hate having to dig for things, I want to be able to separate my eye shadows by color (maybe a different tray for each color family). I love to see how other people organize!


  2. I have some clear Sterile container stacks that I found at WalMart. They work well and I can pull the drawers completely out when its time to purge or reorganize. I lay my brushes facing down on a flat surface to dry and then the next morning I put them back in these cylinder containers that were repurposed. 🙂


    1. Celicia, the stacking system works so well, I’d love to see photos of your make-up collection! I just bought some more of the same clear ones that I had already, and completely reorganized my make-up, it looks so much better already!


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