Saturday afternoon fun with lashes

I’ve never worn false lashes before. A friend gave me two sets of Ardell lashes a few years ago and I never got around to trying them. But I saw a tutorial on Beautylish and decided that I would finally give it a try. It looks easy, right?

Since I have sensitive skin, I did a spot test on my wrist for 24 hours to see if I would take a reaction to the adhesive. Thankfully after 24 hours, my skin showed no signs of sensitivity. I circled the spot since the adhesive dries invisibly.

Adhesive test

Thankfully after 24 hours, my skin showed no signs of sensitivity.

Ardell Lashes

The first step is to check to see if your lash strip is the right length. This is to make sure that the strip is not longer than your eye. Mine seemed to be the right length so I didn’t trim them.

The second step is to hold the lashes in a curved “C” shape to make it more likely to match up with the curve of your eyelid before applying the glue. My glue came with an applicator brush so this part was fairly easy for me.

Lash Adhesive

The third step is place the lash strip at the lash line of your eye.  This is where I had a problem.

lashes attempt1

It took me several tries to get the lash strip right at the lash line and not up on the lid with a huge gap between the false lashes and my real ones.

lashes attempt2

There may have been some swearing and laughing involved.  It took me so long to get them in the right place that the glue had dried on the corners.This meant that the lashes were only sticking on at the center of my eyelid.

lashes attempt3

So I had to remove the false lash and apply more adhesive. Once I finally got the lash to stick, I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On liner in Perversion (matte blackest black) in my natural lash line to blend in the little gap that remained.

With liner

A Brash Attitude Verdict – I found this to be difficult, but I am sure that with practice, that I could probably do it better and faster. This is something that I am going to work on!



Disclosure – Ardell lashes and adhesive were a gift, Urban Decay liner was purchased by me. All opinions are mine.

3 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon fun with lashes

  1. I am the woooOOOOorst at putting on lashes. The only ones I can do w/o trouble are the half-lashes, which I actually like better anyway. I don’t buy them special, I just snip regular ones in half and then I have a choice of using the inner part on the outer corners for a more subtle look, or the outer lashes as normal for more drams.


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