Ahimsa Solid Brush Cleaner Review

Cleaning your make-up brushes on a regular basis is extremely important for several reasons, most importantly, to eliminate bacteria from your brushes, as well as to remove product build-up.  If you take good care of your make-up tools, they will last for many years.

As someone with extremely sensitive skin, I have to be careful about everything that goes near my skin, and this includes not just make-up and skincare products, but with what I use to clean my make-up brushes with.

I was using Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap 18-in-1 unscented baby-mild pure-castile soap for years but recently read a review on Logical Harmony for Ahimsa Naturals’ Solid Brush Cleaner and was intrigued to try it out since I was almost out of my Dr. Bronner’s.


Unfortunately there is no ingredient listing on the packaging, or on their website, but they describe their product as containing:

Natural ingredients gently cleanse, moisturize and disinfect makeup brushes. No harsh chemicals (free of sulfates + dyes). No synthetic fragrances


I did a patch test on my wrist to test for sensitivity issues, and when no reaction occurred, went ahead and washed my brushes according to the directions on the jar:

Instructions for use: Wet the bristles of your brush and swish in a circular motion to produce a lather. Rinse and lay flat to dry. To prevent contamination please allow the cleanser to dry before closing the container.

It was UNBELIEVABLE how much product residue came out of my brushes, and I had cleaned them less than two weeks before!  And the bristles were nice and soft after drying on my Benjabelle brush tree.


The Ahimsa Naturals solid brush cleaner comes in two scents: rosemary and lavender, and grapefruit and bergamot. I chose to buy the rosemary and lavender scent, and it smells so fresh and clean.

This solid brush cleaner comes in a 56g / 2 oz jar, and sells for approximately $16 USD. You can purchase the Ahimsa Naturals solid brush cleanser directly from them, or from the Kind Beauty Collective.

Disclosure – This was purchased by me!

Kind Beauty Collective Un-Boxing

I recently placed my first order with the Kind Beauty Collective.  If you don’t know about them, you really should! From their “about us” page:

When you purchase beauty products from Kind Beauty Collective, you can rest easy knowing that you’re purchasing cruelty-free cosmetics, meaning there is no animal testing or animal ingredients.

We believe there is a more effective and a more mindful way to shop. One which can result in more beauty, joy and kindness. We are dedicated to positively impacting our customers, the environment and ending animal testing for good!

From the minute that I opened the box, I was in love! Continue reading

Oil Booster and C Booster

I will admit that I am a huge fan of the skincare products from Paula’s Choice since I started using some of their products in September 2014. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin, so I have to test everything on my arm before putting it on my face. And, I have to test each new product separately so that if I do take a reaction, that I am able to pinpoint exactly which product is causing the reaction. I really love that you have the option of ordering trial sizes of their products, because not every product will work for your own unique skin type. Continue reading

Beautylish Unboxing

After my dear friend and fellow beauty blogger Daena from Brightly Colored Person had posted a review of Wayne Goss brushes: I knew that I had to try them. So when the Wayne Goss brushes were finally in stock once again, I placed my very first order with Beautylish on March 30th.

My package came today, and I am so impressed because usually packages take at least 5 to 7 business days, and more often than not, 7 to 10! Let’s start with the packaging:


 Super cute, right? Just wait! Each item was wrapped! Continue reading