Give Me Glow Liquified Matte Lipstick (Tube)

I’ve been following the Give me Glow instagram for awhile now, and was intrigued to try out her matte liquid lipsticks. I ordered them in shades “Girl Interrupted” and “Deja Vu” from the Give Me Glow etsy shop. Both are dupes for a well-known and controversial company.

GiveMeGlow Matte

“Girl Interrupted” is a light purple-grey toned nude, and “Deja Vu” is a pinky-brown toned nude.

Here is the description of the wearability of the matte lipsticks from their Etsy shop:

These are very matte, they will stay for a long time. Even when I ate lunch, it was still on. Also these are waterproof but NOT transfer proof. They will not just come completely off like a actual lipstick would but, they do have little transfer. I have moisturizing ingredients in them so they will hydrate lips as well as maintaining the matte finish.

My experience: Both shades were surprisingly non-drying, and with long-wearing pigmentation, and only minimal transfer. Both have a great matte finish, with a smooth creamy application. I will definitely purchase more products in the future!

GiveMeGlow Swatch

You can find these liquid matte lipsticks (and several other products) in the Give Me Glow Etsy shop. I would highly recommend checking the store out!

These products were purchased by me, and the review is based on my experience of the products.

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