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I just returned to using liquid eyeliner recently after a loooooooong hiatus. I picked up two different types of liquid eyeliners by Essence Cosmetics a couple of months ago at the local Pharmaprix (Shopper’s Drug Mart, for those of you fellow Canadians that aren’t living in Quebec).

The first one is the Super Fine Eyeliner Pen.

Essence Pen1

Oh so fine! This super fine eyeliner pen has an ultra slim felt tip applicator for precise application. Long lasting formula. Ideal for creating fine and subtle lines or extravagant and dramatic ones.

Essence Pen2

I found this to be a little difficult to achieve a consistently sized line, and found that I had to go over the lines to get an even application of the liner. This might be due to being out of practise in applying a liquid eyeliner, or it might be the pen tip itself. I found that it wasn’t a true, deep, dark, black colour. And, once dried on the skin, it keeps a tacky finish. Rubbing the swatch led to some colour transfer. Would I buy this one again? NO.

The second liquid eyeliner is the Essence Liquid Eyeliner. This one has a wand style applicator, which is more like the old style ones that I had used in the past, except that instead of a brush at the end of the wand, it is a firm, brush shaped, foam tip.

Essence wand1

Intense definition! This liquid eyeliner provides fast-drying and long-lasting results. Available in classic or waterproof.

I found this one to be a lot easier to apply, likely due to having used the wand type liquid eyeliners before. The eyeliner seemed to be much easier to control the thickness of the line, and applied the eyeliner evenly, so I did not need to go over any spots. As well, the colour is a true, deep, dark, black. Once dried on the skin, it is not sticky to the touch. Rubbing the swatch did not lead to any colour transfer. Would I buy this one again? YES!

Here’s a side by side comparison of the two, swatched on bare skin, no flash:

Essence Swatches

Essence Cosmetics has been around since 2001, starting in Germany, and it came to the United States in 2007, and became available in Canada in 2012. Here is their statement on animal testing:

essence cosmetics is owned by Cosnova Beauty from Germany where animal testing for cosmetic products has not been permitted since 1998. All of essence products comply with the European and American ingredient, manufacturing, and testing standards. Our suppliers are also held to these same standards and we only partner with the ones that do not test on animals.

In North America, you can find Essence Cosmetics at Ulta, and here in Canada at Pharmaprix / Shoppers Drug Mart, both eyeliners sell for $2.99 USD (and for a comparable price here in Canada).

Disclosure – Both products were purchased by me!

27 thoughts on “Liquid Eyeliners – Essence Cosmetics

      1. honestly i don’t even know where this line comes from – I just get excited at shoppers – because It’s Good stuff – even their little perfumes – Great to throw in your purse xxxxxx I think i Have a Gold liquid liner ……. and IT’S WAY better than the high end ones i have tried – ur inspiring me LOL – I may Go this afternoon – Lol xoxo

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      2. Gold? I didn’t know that there was a gold one! That sounds great! Not all of the Pharmaprix stores carry the Essence line, or only carry part of the line, so I always miss out on the awesome stuff! Can’t wait to check out the Shoppers when I go visit my parents in Halifax!

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      1. Oh wow, I’ll have to pick it up! I have a $10 Shoppers gift card that I need to use up by Sunday so maybe that’s what I’ll pick up. I’ve also heard great things about the Extreme one.

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  1. I haven’t heard of this brand before but they’re really reasonably priced, that’s for sure! I prefer wand applicators for eyeliner too, a pen never seems to last as long and no matter how much I look after it, they seem to always dry up but maybe I’ve just been unlucky!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That is the best part about blogging in my opinion. The amazing people /bloggers one gets to meet & know! So I am Happy to find you too! As for my wee blog, thank you! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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