My Holy Grail for Brows: Crispy Brows

My eyebrows are thin. Not from over-plucking, they are just thin. And despite being a brunette, they tend to be almost invisible.

When I first started pencilling my brows in a few years ago, it always looked wrong. Either the colour was wrong, or my technique was horrible. Over time, my technique improved, but it still didn’t look natural.

I found Crispy Brows accidentally on Instagram, and immediately checked out their website. Crispy Brows is run by Roxanne Crisp, a licensed esthetician who launched her own brand in June 2014. Her products are 100% cruelty-free, and some of them are vegan.

crispy browsA

I bought the Perfect Brow Kit which contains a Duo Brow pencil, and a High Brow pencil. The duo brow pencil is vegan, and is available in four shades: blonde, auburn, medium brown and dark brown. I chose the medium brown pencil. Here’s what it says on the website:

Instantly create beautifully natural, perfectly defined and fuller looking brows with this dual brow pencil. No matter what brow shape, this smooth powdery pencil is infused with a trio of waxes that can be used to build the perfect brow. The spoolie brush is great for grooming and blending products evenly for a natural look.

Crispy Brows detail1

Crispy Brows detail2

The high brow pencil is a dual ended chubby pencil, with a concealer at one end, and a highlight at the other end. It is not vegan as it contains beeswax.

The brow highlighter’s velvety smooth texture allows for easy application & blending. Perfect for all skintones, the pink highlight hue will define & highlight the entire eye area as the shimmer end will brighten when applied to the brow bone.

As well, Roxanne Crisp has some really great tutorials on her YouTube channel. I watched several of them before trying out the Perfect Brow kit.

swatches crispy

My experience: I love the Duo Brow pencil so much, I feel that my technique has improved so much! The pencil is a great colour match for me, and it has great staying power. Removal is easy as well. I’m still getting the hang of using the High Brow pencil, but it really does help in finishing off the look. I will definitely be purchasing again!

You can purchase the pencils separately ($18USD for the duo pencil, and $15USD for the Β high brow pencil), or in the Perfect Brow Kit ($30USD) on the Crispy Brows website.

Disclosure: I purchased this!

Thanks for reading!!!

31 thoughts on “My Holy Grail for Brows: Crispy Brows

  1. Interesting NAME for a product, I mean, crispy brows is the LAST thing I’d want my brows to be, lol! I’m glad this is HG material for you though! πŸ™‚ I’m all about the Shu Uemura H9 pencil in Seal Brown.

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  2. Very informative! I will give them a try. I always have trouble finding good eyebrow products, although I really like the Benefit Quick-Set brow Gel but I don’t think it’s cruelty free or vegan 😦

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    1. LOL I think you’re right! That is the same font. Gives “Crispy” a different vibe, now.

      Nice review! I also have very thin eyebrows, to the point where people think I overpluck if I don’t fill them in. Truthfully I never even need to pluck! I prefer powders, though, and use Clinique’s in Charcoaled.

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      1. I tried using the brow genius kit from Anastasia, but no matter how hard I tried, it always looked terrible. I find it difficult to use a brush and have it look natural, it always looked like I painted my brows on (which is fine if you are trying for that look, but I was just trying to have visible eyebrows).

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  3. As a lifelong ‘colourer in’ of eyebrows, (mine are naturally thin too), these sound awesome. And I think i might be a sucker for being taken in by the font on the packaging , it’s very reminiscent of American Horror Story. I want!

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  4. I loved this product and used it for a while. I have not been able to find any information on being able to order. Does this product still exist? Do you have a similar product that you love?

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