What’s in my bag? (Daily purse edition)

Since several of you have shown me your “what’s in my bag” posts, I thought I would show you mine, haha.

So here we go, this is my go-to daily bag from Matt & Nat, it has a long cross-body strap and a shorter shoulder strap. I mostly use the cross-body strap. This one isn’t listed on their site anymore sadly.


Under  the flap is a small pocket – in here is where I keep my house keys, subway card and a small change pouch for bus money in case I forgot to top up my card. My key chain is a jumble of bits – a climbing carabiner, a tag with my name on it from Florida, a heart shaped key ring (from a Betsey Johnson keychain that broke), and a mini screw driver for my glasses. There used to be a mini Maglight on there too, but I took it off to replace the batteries, and haven’t put it back on yet.


Next is a top view of my bag, as you can see, there is a zippered section and a snap closure section:


Inside the zippered section is where I keep my Moleskine agenda, a couple of pens, my Betsey Johnson prescription sunglasses (if I’m wearing my contacts, the sunglasses will be one of the several pairs I own), a pack of mints, and a small canvas shopping bag.


In the snap closure part of the bag, I have my giant Matt & Nat wallet, my phone (here’s my current case by Caitlyn Hackett) and my earphones. *I’m actually using the phone to take these photos*


And here’s the contents on the little zip pocket inside the snap closure section. This is where I keep a sunscreen sample pack, kleenex, allergy eye drops, eyeglass cleaner and cloth, band-aid blister stick, Urban Decay powder compact, whatever lipstick that I happen to be wearing, and of course, a Haus of Gloi lip balm.


Other things that are usually found in my purse, but weren’t actually in there this morning, are a notebook (if I’m working), my pink animal print blog idea notebook, my kindle, a hair elastic, and a small pouch (for emergency tampons, pads, pain killers etc). Not pictured is my small pastel rainbow Fulton umbrella because it seems to have wandered away. (This is a tragedy!!!)


Thanks for reading!!! ❤

18 thoughts on “What’s in my bag? (Daily purse edition)

  1. I love your bag! I have a Matt & Nat bag that converts from a short shoulder bag to a tote, it’s pretty neat.
    I always carry a couple of nylon shopping reusable totes, they come in SO handy!
    Oh no, where did your umbrella go? I hate losing umbrellas. Mine is red! 😀

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    1. I want to get another one – there is a sale on right now in the Matt & Nat site. I have a cute little bag that I use for concerts (also M&N) that can be used as a clutch, shoulder bag or cross body bag.
      I’m hoping that my brolly fell behind the coat rack or got poked in the front closet, but so far no luck finding it! Instead I have to use my old wobbly hair-grabbing one until I find it, or go to the bay to pick up a replacement!

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