Mini Lush Haul – Whaaaaaaaaaat?

Mini haul? Whaaaaaaaaat? But wait, aren’t  a minute Jodi, aren’t you doing NO BUY JULY?

Yes, I am, but I am placing products that I’ve either run out of, or am about to run out of, which is ok by the NO BUY rules that I’m following.


All of the labels in the Lush store here in Montreal are in french, so I’ve decided to include the names both in english and en français. I got:  fresh facial mask / masque frais (Catastrophe Cosmetic / Cosmétique catastrophe), hair treament / traitment capillaires ( Hair Doctor / Docteur cheveux), shampoo / shampooing (Rehab / Restauration) and conditioner / revitalisant  (Veganese / Végétalien). As well, I received two sample shower smoothies / lait frappés (Turkish Delight / Délice Turq and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner / Revitalisant  corporel à l’argan de Ro).

Reviews to follow once I’ve had a chance to use everything long enough to have an opinion.

Have a beautiful day! ❤ ❤ ❤

Disclosure: I bought these things!

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