Lipstick storage (+ Lipstick Swatches)

I’ve seen some really beautiful acrylic storage options recently, but since I’m trying to save money and not spend money, I decided to look for a cheaper option.


I bought this little clear plastic lipstick caddy from the dollar store. As you can see, it holds nine lipsticks.


My complaint is that they don’t stay straight and wobble in all directions, which is annoying in the morning when you reach for one lipstick and cause the rest to wobble, scatter and flee all over the floor.


While I have your attention, here’s swatches from the pictured lipsticks. These ones are from the middle and bottom rows of the lipstick caddy, all are Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick. Swatched from left to right are: Lovelight, Fiend, Manic, Jilted, F-Bomb and Shame. These days I’m using Manic as my go-to lipstick.


Next are the two lipsticks from the top row swatched left to right by Violet Volt (Milani) and Wonderchilde (Kat Von D).


As always, thanks for reading! And have a beautiful day! ❀ ❀ ❀

44 thoughts on “Lipstick storage (+ Lipstick Swatches)

  1. Great lipstick collection! Too bad they wobble around in your holder because that’s a great deal to get one from the dollar store. πŸ™‚ xo

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  2. I`m guessing you like those UD lipsticks? Just a hunch? πŸ˜› I’m liking looks of the shade Fiend.
    I put my lipstick in acrylic containers but they don’t have separate dividers, I find I can fit more in these:

    I got them at Winners.

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  3. I agree with stashmatters. I can fit more without the dividers. But, also I’m not a big lipstick person. I bought makeup organizers from Target last year and I love them! I like the organizers with drawers the best. They ran ~$20 and they fit a ton

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  4. I have ones with and without the dividers; prefer without just b/c I can fit more πŸ™‚ But I don’t store them upside down since I can’t stand the wobble. LOL! I just arrange them by brand, then color group, so it usually doesn’t take too long for me to find the one I want.

    The ones with dividers look nicer, though!

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      1. The only ones I really need to store label-side up (because I have a lot of them) are my MAC lipsticks, but they’re round on top so they’re ultra-annoying to keep upside down! The other brands I have, I don’t have many of each, so it’s not hard for me to find them.

        It is pretty annoying when you can’t find the lipstick you want!

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      1. Well my problem is that out of my 50 lipsticks I wouldn’t know which one to put in there! I’d have the feeling I’m discriminating the ones I haven’t selected, you know? ^^

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  5. Aw, it’s a shame that the storage didn’t work out better, that’s exactly the type of thing I need too!! At present, they’re all jumbled into one oversized cosmetic bag… not the most efficient storage solution πŸ™‚

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