Meet the Blogger – Jodi

The lovely Chanelle asked me if I wanted to be featured in one of her “Meet the Blogger” posts. So here’s a little bit about me.

Chanelle Hayley

JodiHello there! I’m Jodi, the not-so-evil mastermind behind Montreal based beauty blog A Brash Attitude. My beauty and skincare blog has a special focus on cruelty-free brands and sensitive skin issues. When I’m not testing, photographing or writing about products for my blog, I can often be found with my nose in a book, binge-watching Netflix, or experimenting in the kitchen.

1. When did you begin blogging?

I started blogging in late March 2015.

2. How did you decide on a name for your blog?

To have a brash attitude is to be assertive, confident, bold, audacious and daring. It can also be used to describe someone who is abrasive and in-your-face. I think that a lot of the time when a woman is assertive, confident, bold, audacious and daring, the term BRASH is used as if it is a negative thing. In my opinion, being brash is being…

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24 thoughts on “Meet the Blogger – Jodi

    1. Ok, here’s a few recent ones: The Eldritch Files series (Phaedra Weldon), Black Dog series (Hailey Edwards), Rivers of London (Ben Aaronovitch), Iron Druid series (Kevin Hearne), Jane Yellowrock series (Faith Hunter), um… Gail Carriger, Chloe Neill.

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