Milani Color Statement Lipsticks in Sangria and Nude Créme

Today I’m going to be reviewing the Milani Color Statement Lipsticks in Sangria and Nude Créme from my mini haul from (original post here). Despite the fact that it is still fairly hot here in Montreal, I wanted to start getting ready for autumn by purchasing a dark berry and a pinky nude shade to try out.

A super-luxe, grown-up girl lipstick, it delivers true instant colour in a single swipe. Laced with vitamins A and C to hydrate and nourish, this collection is all about options: Corals and Reds, Orchids and Plums, Nudes, and Pinks. Trust us, you’ll want an entire wardrobe.

Milani Lipstick3

First up, we have Sangria, described as deep, purple berry. On me is is more pinky red toned berry than purple, it might cast more purple toned on other skin tones. Next we have Nude Créme, described as a pink nude. On me, it is exactly that, a pale pink toned nude.

Milani Lipstick4

Both lipsticks have great pigmentation, are long wearing, and very moisturizing. The Nude Créme has the fruity scent that all of the Milani Color Statement Lipsticks seem to have, but Sangria has a very faint playdough scent that comes through the fruity scent – probably a sign that the lipstick might be starting to go off. I got someone else to smell it and they were unable to catch the faint “off scent”, but I have a very sensitive nose, so yeah, that kind of sucks a little. Thankfully the scent wears off.

Milani Lipstick5

Verdict: Both shades are perfect for fall. And I love that they are long wearing and highly moisturizing. I will be buying more of these lipsticks.

Disclosure: I purchased these products.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

34 thoughts on “Milani Color Statement Lipsticks in Sangria and Nude Créme

  1. Dear Jodi,

    I wrote u a message on fb, but I would like to announce you as the winner of my GIFT GIVEAWAY! Pls send me your address so that I may send it to you in the mail! Either write me on fb, or send it to my email, which is Congratulations & thank u for following my blog!!

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  2. I love milani makeup but have never tried their lipsticks! after reading this ive come to the conclusion i need BOTH lipsticks because youre right: fall requires a nice nude and deep berry.
    great post babe<3

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  3. Sangria is so much lighter than I was expecting from the packaging! I really like Nude Creme, it’s one of a few nude shades that I can pull off. I hate it when I open a brand new lipstick and it’s already going off!

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