Crown Brush Studio Pro Set 626 – Part 1

Hello, hello! I decided to split my review of the Crown Brush Studio Pro set 626 into two parts. Today I’m reviewing the face brushes from the set that I gave a sneak peak of here.


I’ve been slowly adding to my brush collection, and replacing them with better quality, cruelty free brushes.

All Crown Brushes are 100% Animal Cruelty Free.

Absolutely no animals are harmed or destroyed for the purpose of making our brushes!

This set has both natural and synthetic hair bristles, depending on the type of brush. Here is a little explanation from the Crown Brush UK website (which is far more informative than the Canadian website, by the way).

Crownbrush recommend using a synthetic haired brush for anything ‘wet’ i.e. liquid foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, cream blush etc. The synthetic hair gives a streak free finish and doesn’t soak up the product as much as natural hair. Natural hair brushes are the best for anything ‘dry’ i.e. mineral foundation, face powder, bronzer, blusher etc. The natural hair grabs the powder particles and places them on skin rather than falling off the brush onto your jumper!

And here’s a little info on their natural hair bristles:

There are different types of natural hair and they all have a different feel. Badger hair and red sable feel the softest, whereas sable and goat hair feel firmer.  It is down to personal preference which hair type is preferred. We also stock a range of duo fibre brushes; these help achieve an airbrushed finish. The white synthetic tip will place the product on the skin and spread it evenly; the black natural hair will buff the top of the product and so achieving an airbrushed finish.

One of my complaints about the set is that it did not come with a little card that tells me what each of the brushes is used for, but thankfully on the Crown Brush UK site, it lists each one in the set.

First up is the powder dome brush, which looks to be a sable and goat hair brush.


I’ve been using this one to apply my Nyx stay matte but not flat powder foundation.


Next is the duo fibre face brush which can be used for powder foundations, bronzers, and even for  liquid foundations, made from a combination of goat (dark bristles) and synthetic (white bristles).


This one is super soft. I’ve been using this both to apply my powder, or to make sure that there isn’t any excess powder on my face


Next is the oval foundation brush, made from synthetic fibres. This bristles are firm but very soft on the skin.



Next is the contour blush brush. This one has natural hair bristles, I think that it is capra or goat.


The angled bristles are great for contouring and blush application. I’ve been using this one for blush.


Next is the chisel blush brush. Like the large dome powder brush, this one has natural hair bristles in a sable and goat mix.


I’ve been using this one for both blush and for highlighting. Great for a super soft flushed cheek look.


So there you have it, part one of the Crown Brush Studio Pro set 626 – the face brushes. Part two of the review will be posted next week.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Disclosure: I purchased this!

17 thoughts on “Crown Brush Studio Pro Set 626 – Part 1

      1. Oh I’d agree!!
        Not sure if it’s cruelty free but Lise Waiter has the most gorgeous fan brush for $28 I’ve been lusting after! I know you’d love it too. I’ve never looked but Lise Waiter probably has a online store you could check.
        (I’ve been dreaming about that fan brush it’s so big, fluffy & gorgeous! )

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