Crown Brush Studio Pro set 626 – Part 2

If you missed part one of the review, it is here.

Today I’ll be reviewing the eye brushes from the Crown Brush Studio Pro set 626. I had to guess which type of fibre / hair was used for the brushes (if I am wrong, please do let me know so I can correct the info) – based on this page from the Crown Brush Australia site. Both the UK and Australian Crown Brush websites are so much better than the U.S. and Canadian sites.

Crown Brush

First we have the pro blending crease brush, it is a natural hair brush, most likely a natural goat fibre.


I used it yesterday, so the dark tip is actually eyeshadow, not the actual fibres. I love this one, I’ve used it several times since getting this set.


Up next is the precision brush. I think that this one is a natural goat hair brush.


This one is great for smudging shadow / liner, or for laying down the outer v.


Next is the pro blending fluff brush. It is a goat / sable hair mix.


This one is so soft and fluffy (in a good way), it makes blending so much easier.


Next is the oval concealer brush. I’m not 100% sure if this one is red sable or if it is synthetic – the bristles are soft, yet firm.


It is for applying concealer, primer, or cream shadows. I think that it is more likely to be synthetic than sable since on the website it says that synthetic hair brushes are best for liquids and creams. I’ve only tested this one with concealer, and yesterday morning I accidentally used it with a loose eyeshadow pigment. (It worked great by the way, haha!)


Next is the angled liner brush. It is very soft, I think that this one is synthetic.


Great for eyeliner, or applying eyeshadow wet as an eyeliner. I’ve only used this once since I usually either use my pencil liner or my liquid liner that comes with its own brush.


And last but not least is the pointed liner brush. The bristles are super delicate.I think that the bristles are synthetic.Crown5

This one would be great for using your eyeshadow wet as a liner. I haven’t actually used this one yet.


The brush roll is faux leather which means that it is super easy to keep clean, you can just wipe it with a damp cloth. It has slots to hold all eleven brushes, with a protective flap that fold over the bristles when the roll is closed.

Crown brush1

I don’t store my brushes in the roll – I have pretty Ikea containers for storage, and a Benjabelle brush tree for when I’m cleaning and drying my brushes, but the brush roll will be so great when travelling because it will keep them protected in my luggage.

crown brush2

Final verdict: I’m really glad that I took a chance and ordered this brush set. The price and quality are great. I’m probably not going to use the pointed liner brush all that much, but the rest of the brush set I know that I will definitely make use of. I only have two complaints about this set, the first being that I wish that it had come with an insert that explained what each brush was for and what type of bristles was used in each brush instead of having to look it up and figure it out. The second is that I wish that this set had a fan brush. Not a deal breaker for me since I know that I’ve lived this long without a fan brush, so I’m sure that I’ll survive a little longer without one!

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Disclosure: I purchased this!

13 thoughts on “Crown Brush Studio Pro set 626 – Part 2

  1. Yay – my favourites – eye brushes! (this was worth the wait with the photo snafu)
    Some of these brushes are straight up dupes for the MAC brushes!
    Pro Blending Crease blush = 217
    Precision brush = 219
    Pro Blending Fluff = 224

    The Oval concealer is likely synthetic – most brushes meant for concealer are made of Taklon, a type of polyester – and interesting that you would guess that it’s made of sable because Taklon was design to mimic the feel and performance of natural sable hairs! 🙂

    That pointed liner brush could be used for pinpoint concealing too if you want.

    What a great set and I love that it includes what looks to be a high quality brush roll! Thanks for the review and detailed photos of each brush.

    PS. Yes you need a fan brush in your life. I never thought I’d need one and now I have at least 5… they’re great for highlighting, blushes, bronzers… generally a light dusting of any powder. I personally quite like the Quo brush despite the online reviews. It puffs up a little once washed but it provides such a delicate dusting of powder – it’s one of my favourites!

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    1. I was using photos on the Crown Brush Australia site for guessing the type of bristles – but the Taklon looked more orange than the sable bristle, so that is why I wasn’t 100% sure.
      Great idea for the pointed liner brush! Thanks 🙂
      I’m still not 100% happy with the photos, but had to improvise with overhead lighting, a regular lamp and my Ottlight since it has been dark and overcast every morning since the lens fail!
      I’ll have to go check the Quo brush out – thanks for the recommendation!


  2. great post<3 i love the precision brush, think i need that! funny that you used the concealer brush in eyeshadow that's something i would 100% do lol!!

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