Nyx Dream Catcher Palette Review


The heavens have parted and our Dream Catcher Palettes in celestial shades have arrived. Each palette includes 10 majestic eye shadows that you can mix and match. There’s even a secret compartment on the bottom with a mirror and a dual-tip applicator!

The funny thing is that I didn’t realize that there was a compartment until I actually read the little blurb on the website, haha! And you all know that the dual tip applicator will be going straight into the recycling bin!


The Dream Catcher Palette is available in three different options: Golden Horizons, Dusk Til Dawn, and Stormy Skies.


I purchased Stormy Skies to test out. Here’s the top row swatched over primer:


The bottom row shades swatched over primer:


Without primer, the colours are faint and muddy – both the five matte and five shimmer shades.Β The eye shadows are not highly pigmented, but the colours are buildable if used over primer.Β Β Dream3

Disclosure: I purchased this!

24 thoughts on “Nyx Dream Catcher Palette Review

  1. They’re baked shadows so they show up better when applied wet. I have noticed the quality of NYX shadows in some of their palettes isn’t as good as their single shadows.

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  2. Ooh that bottom compartment is like a secret hiding spot for… I don’t know what. But I do like the mirror for traveling. I find NYX eye shadows hit & miss – I haven’t tried any of their baked ones so I can’t comment. But of the regular line, I much prefer the singles over the ones in the palettes. The quality is night and day! My favourite shade from your swatches is that shimmery purple!

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