Nyx HD Studio Photogenic Foundation Review

Nyx HD1

Here’s what the Nyx website has to say about the HD Studio Photogenic Foundation:

You don’t have to be on camera to achieve flawless skin! Our peptide infused High Definition Foundation uses light-diffusing technology to enhance the appearance of silky smooth skin. Achieve a picture-perfect look anytime you’re in the spotlight.

Nyx HD2

I’ve never really been a fan of wearing a liquid foundation, most of them make my skin feel like it is smothering. But since I’ve been wearing BB / CC creams all summer, I figured that I would test out a few liquid foundations in the hope that I could find one that my skin would tolerate. I purchased the HD Foundation in Nude, the lightest shade, which is described as porcelain as the next shade up (soft beige) was too yellow in tone for my pinky-peach toned pale skin now that my “tan” has completely faded. *Not that it would be considered to be a tan by most people’s standards, more of a slightly less pale, haha*

As per the packaging, the foundation is described as having the following properties:

  • lightweight
  • buildable coverage
  • mineral enriched
  • formulated without talc and parabens

Nyx HD

Shade-wise, nude is a pretty perfect match for my skin, not a stark, chalky, white and not too pink or yellow in tone. This foundation is available in eight different shades on the website: nude (porcelain), soft beige (light with beige undertone), natural (light-medium with beige undertone), sand beige (medium with beige undertone), medium (medium with golden undertone), natural beige, warm sand (deep with olive undertone), and california tan (deep with slight red undertone). That seems like an awful lot of beige tones to me. Not everyone is beige. Has anyone else tried this product? It seems to me that there should be a far larger shade range.

Nyx HD5

The HD foundation has a creamy liquid texture when applying, and dries down to a smooth, not quite matte, not quite satin, finish. I’ve been applying it with a dampened sponge for a sheer to light coverage which is my preference. It supposedly has buildable coverage, but personally, I really can’t see it as achieving more than medium coverage. For me, it is great for smoothing and evening out my skintone. Normally I can’t wear a liquid foundation for more than a few hours before needing to wash it off because my skin gets so irritated. But with this foundation, my skin feels like it can breathe.

As an added note – I feel that the main reason why a lot of foundations don’t work well on my skin is due to being sensitive to several ingredients, which often include combinations of: parabens, talc, alcohols and perfumes. This product doesn’t contain parabens or talc, but does include alcohol and perfume. So far, my skin has not shown any sensitivity issues, and usually if something triggers my skin, I know within the first couple of hours of use, if not immediately.

Summary and verdict: The Nyx HD Foundation works for me both shade-wise and coverage-wise so I’m happy with my purchase. But, in my opinion, the shade range is limited. I must repeat myself here, not everyone is beige. Those who want or need fuller coverage might not like this foundation.

Disclosure: I purchased this.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

16 thoughts on “Nyx HD Studio Photogenic Foundation Review

  1. I’m ALL about the BB creams! I’ve really gone away from proper foundations except for ones that are lightweight. This one looks decent! One of my favourite proper foundations is Shiseido Sheer and Perfect which also include alcohol and perfume but they don’t bother my skin (luckily).
    And how the tide has changed… it used to be that all foundations were peach and pink, now I can actually find shades to match me who is BEIGE! 😛 I typically go for shades named Nude, Buff, or Natural. 😛

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  2. I’m so into BB creams at the moment. I don’t want to wear a full coverage anymore! My bf keeps complaining I wear too much make-up, lol! I love how this BB cream doesn’t contain any parabens, so it’s soft on sensitive skin!

    Love, Layla Rosita

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