Mini Wild Rose Hand Cream – The Body Shop


With the start of colder weather, I decided to get myself a travel sized hand cream to keep in my bag because my hands get very dry. I wanted a hand cream that was super moisturizing but not greasy, and either unscented or lightly scented.

I was taking a shortcut through one of the malls to get to the metro and spotted a Body Shop and decided to pop in to see if they had any travel sized hand creams.

Body Shop1

The Body Shop that I went to had four different travel sized hand creams – absinthe, hemp, almond and wild rose. I smelled them all in the store and decided to buy the Wild Rose scented hand cream because it has a true rose scent (it smells exactly like a freshly picked rose from the garden *swoon*).

Body Shop2

The Wild Rose Hand Cream really is super moisturizing, and not at all greasy.

Body Shop3

I only have two small complaints – the first is that you have to be careful not to squeeze the metal tube too hard, else the hand cream will continue to ooze out of the tube while you are trying to get the cap back on the tube. My second complaint is that, although I do love the wild rose scent, it was VERY STRONGLY scented when I first opened the tube. So much so, that it was be smelled from across the room. But after using it daily, for nearly two weeks, the scent has started to lessen (thankfully).

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Disclosure: I purchased this!



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