Ghosts of Christmas Trees Past

I’m really having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year despite having about 95% of my Christmas shopping completed. We don’t have our tree up yet because I have to rearrange the furniture in order to make space for our Christmas tree.

To try to get into the spirit, I thought that I would show you our trees from past Christmases.

2010 – The first Christmas in our current place. Mr. Al went all out and brought home a MASSIVE tree. It was necessary to chop it down a bit despite having 12ft ceilings. This was also the very first time that I had made an entire Christmas dinner. My father still talks about how excellent the turkey was!

2011 – This Christmas tree was a real one. It was shorter than me (I’m about 5ft7ish), and really misshapen.

Christmas Tree 2011

2012 –Β Mr. Al found the photos for the 2012 tree. Again we had a real tree that was not as large as the epic one from 2010, but definitely larger than the 2011 tree.

2013 – Christmas trees were super expensive in 2013, so we decided to use our artificial tree, this tree is 6ft tall, I’m only telling you this so you can see how tiny it looks in our living room, and how high our ceilings are, to really appreciate just how GIGANTIC 2010’s tree was!

2014 – For some reason, the price of real trees was even more insane than the previousΒ year, so we decided to use our artificial tree again.

There you have it, I’m not sure if we will be doing a real tree or if we will use the little artificial tree this year.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! ❀

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31 thoughts on “Ghosts of Christmas Trees Past

    1. A real tree is the best, but some years we don’t have the extra $200 or more to spend on a Christmas tree. The prices really jumped between 2010 and 2013.

      Haha, good eye, it is for grinding spices. I am obsessed with cooking, and usually get given a gift of something cooking related every year.

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  1. I’m all about the fake trees. I’ve been using the same one for almost 10 years now! I had gotten it from Sears AFTER Christmas for 90% off. It ended up being like $30 or something crazy like that πŸ™‚

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    1. We got ours several years ago, I’m not even sure how long ago, maybe 7? I think I paid about $30 for mine too. It was our first Christmas tree at our crappy old apartment where the ceilings must have been low, because it looked big at the time. It was our test tree with the cats (back when we had three).


  2. I love the purple and silver!

    We’ve used an artificial one for years to save money, and we sort of switched from tinsel decorations to wooden toys and glass baubles. It should feel more Christmassy, in that Dickensian sort of way…but I find it nigh-on impossible to get into the Christmas spirit these days.

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  3. This is brilliant! We aren’t doing a tree this year and I’m totally bummed so it’s nice to live vicariously through you πŸ™‚
    That 2010 tree is glorious!! And I dig the blue lights too.
    I always love the way a real tree smells but man do those needles get everywhere.

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    1. The 2010 tree was so freaking HUGE and glorious. I’d forgotten how gargantuan it was until I looked and the little chubby one from 2011!
      I’d love to get one like 2010 again this year, but if it is going to cost a fortune, then we will either buy another little Charlie Brown tree, or dig out the old fake one. The lights are my favourite part of the tree!

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      1. I’ve always had limited space for a tree so I generally love the little Charlie Brown trees but some day I’ll have a mammoth tree πŸ™‚
        Why ARE trees getting so expensive? It’s crazy! Although I shouldn’t complain because the last couple trees I’ve bought haven’t been too crazy expensive.

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  4. That 2010 set the bar for all Christmas tree going forward! Wow that thing is massive and glorious! I hope you’ll find a good deal on trees this year and see if you can top that 2010 one! πŸ˜› I have a post on Christmas trees coming up too. πŸ™‚

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