IKEA Mini Haul!


I just wanted to show you a few things that I picked up from IKEA on Saturday.

IKEA DROPPAR glass storage jars

DROPPAR glass storage jars for the kitchen (for flour, rice, etc).


TIKKAR bowls (I already had two of these so I wanted to get two more)

IKEA GODMORGEN acrylic storage boxes

GODMORGEN acrylic storage boxes for organizing my cosmetics.

IKEA GODMORGEN acrylic storage box

Starting to fill up the larger of the two GODMORGEN boxes (still very much a work in progress).

And we bought an 8 foot tall Christmas tree while were there! No photos of the tree yet, as it still needs to be decorated.

Back to normal reviews on Wednesday.ย Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! โค

Disclosure: I bought all the things.

30 thoughts on “IKEA Mini Haul!

  1. I need to go back to IKEA and look at the makeup organizers. The one by me is like half hour away though. I’ll talk the boyfriend into going with me after Christmas.

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