Concrete Minerals Mini Haul Swatchfest – The Mineral Eyeshadows

Remember my excitement about my Black Friday haul from Concrete Minerals – well, my package FINALLY arrived in early January due to the holidays. Well here’s the swatches from the mineral eyeshadows. I’ll be swatching the Pro-Mattes from the same haul next week (probably on Wednesday).

Concrete Minerals - Mineral Eyeshadow

As you can see, I picked out three different colours – Bitches Brew, Arsenic and Party Monster. They swatch so much better than they appear in the jar, which you will see once we get to the swatching part of the post!

Concrete Minerals - Mineral Eyeshadow

Concrete Minerals - Mineral Eyeshadow

Bitches Brew – (Electric lavender w/ golden-orange shift) The new favorite duochrome! This shade is completely intriguing, which makes sense being that it was inspired by Miles Davis’ classic experimental album from 1970!

Concrete Minerals - Bitches Brew Mineral Eyeshadow

It was really really difficult to capture the duochrome nature of this eyeshadow! In person it is so beautiful – you can really see the orange shift as the light hits it.

Concrete Minerals Bitches Brew Swatch

Arsenic – (Shimmery red-brown w/ blue undertones) A deep, sexy shadow that also looks killer foiled or as a liner! Use this color as a contour, or try deepening a look by adding to the outside crease!

Concrete Minerals Arsenic Mineral Eyeshadow

Similarly, the photos just do not capture the blue shift when the light hits it. It is gorgeous!

Concrete Minerals Arsenic Swatch

Party Monster – (Glittery golden-honey) We originally released this beauty as a LE shade for our birthday sale — when we heard everyone’s amazing feedback we KNEW we had to add this to the full line-up! Neutral honey with enough sparkle to brighten-up any night out, we dubbed this “New Years Eve in a jar”!

Concrete Minerals Party Monster

This one is really pretty, in real life it is more honey toned.

Concrete Minerals Party Monster

Below are some slightly blurred photos to try try to capture the duochrome effect:

I’m a huge Concrete Minerals fan, and have been for years, so these did not disappoint!

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! ❤

Disclosure: I purchased these products.

31 thoughts on “Concrete Minerals Mini Haul Swatchfest – The Mineral Eyeshadows

  1. Oooh Arsenic! I see we both like duochromes! My issue is getting loose pigmented to appear on the lids as they do in swatches. I’ve used various methods like foiling etc but they never look as pretty on the eyes. How do you typically use loose pigments?

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    1. I always use a primer (the swatches aren’t with primer though because I’m nearly out of it, and don’t want to waste any, haha!
      As for technique, I have a few different brushes that I tend to use – but for a super pigmented look I tend to use a smudge brush to pack it onto my lids. Concrete Minerals shadows are SUPER pigmented so they don’t take as much work as some other ones that I’ve tried.


  2. Those loose pigments are like really 👀. Well, to be honest, during December, I’ve been to Mac counter and so tempted to buy looks pigments but didn’t make it and your post makes me to get tempted once again. Aww, those swatches are 😘😍.

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  3. I’ve always wanted to try loose pigments but I’m always in a rush so I tend to grab the compact more than loose but these shadows you got are beautiful! Makes me want to get one..👍🏻😍

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