Giveaway Haulage from Stash Matters!

So the lovely Stashy recently had an insane giveaway extravaganza to celebrate her one year blogiversary, and I was lucky enough to win a runner-up prize package. And I have to say, it was extremely generous and filled with loads of awesomeness! I’ve had a chance to try almost everything out, and I wanted to show you what I won as well as to express my gratitude to her. THANK YOU STASHY! ❀

Stash Matter's Runner Up Giveaway Haulage

First of all, there was a lovely card and note inside the package.

Stash Matter's Runner Up Giveaway Haulage

A package of super swanky facial cotton pads from Shiseido. As I said in my recent empties post, I normally just buy whichever facial cotton pads are on sale because I figured that there wasn’t a huge difference. Well, let me tell you, I was so wrong! These facial cotton pads are LUXURIOUS! So soft, and non-linty.

Stash Matter's Runner Up Giveaway Haulage

A tube of the most amazing hand cream that I’ve ever used! The Intensive Therapy Organic Hand Cream from Consonant is so good, I’ve been using it non-stop. It has a lovely mild herbal scent (despite being called “unscented”), and it is non-greasy and moisturizes my poor dry hands like BUTTAH! I will definitely be buying a replacement tube of this.

Stash Matter's Runner Up Giveaway Haulage

A travel sized bottle of The Perfect Sunscreen, also from Consonant! I haven’t tried this yet as I’m saving it for the warmer weather, but if it is anything like the hand cream in terms of quality, then I’m probably going to love it. Plus it is SPF30, so it will be put to good use.

Stash Matter's Runner Up Giveaway Haulage

A super soft little makeup brush from Anna Sui! The handle is to pretty – the end looks like a rose.

A sweet little pair of earphones. I had recently broken mine, and had not gotten around to replacing them, so this was perfect! Look how cute and colourful they are!

A mini kabuki type make-up brush from The Body Shop! It is so soft, I’m always playing with it because I cannot believe how SOFT it is!

Stash Matter's Runner Up Giveaway Haulage

A Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer SPF15 in shade Reserve Your Cabana! As Stashy said, this is a highlighting shade, not an actual bronzer.

The pan is ENORMOUS! I think that I’ve worn it just about EVERY SINGLE DAY since my package arrived, it is a perfect shade for me!

Stash Matter's Runner Up Giveaway Haulage

Stash Matter's Runner Up Giveaway Haulage

This was a runner-up prize, can you believe it? AMAZING AND AWESOMETASTIC!

Thanks again Stashy! ❀


46 thoughts on “Giveaway Haulage from Stash Matters!

      1. I guess I can’t really call them liquid, but rather cream highlighters. Lol. Anyway, I received them both through my beauty box subscriptions. One is The Beauty Crop Highlighting Cream, and the other is TEMPTU Silicon Based Highlighter in Champagne Shimmer. They’re both a bit too dark for my skin to use alone, so I use them as sort of a ‘base’ for the WnW one. It evens the dark tone on the other two. Another thing I’ve seen people do to really make it stick and give you a more intense glow, is to lightly spray your brush with a setting spray, and applying it with that ‘wet’ brush basically.

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  1. That Stashy is pretty great right?!
    Those Shiseido facial cottons are insane right? Not at all like regular cotton squares!
    That WnW “bronzer” is great. Sometimes I use it like other people use the hourglass ambient powders and it looks so pretty and ethereal.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Reserve Your Cabana” is my go-to neck bronzer/highlight !
    Anna Sui makes very good brushes, I must own at least 5 of them ! They are so adorable.
    The Shiseido cotton pads are sooooooo goodddddd ! We are now “curse” by our friend Stashy πŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

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