Project Focus 10 – The Final Chapter

Hello, hello!

As you know, my fellow collaborators got through the 10 weeks of the Project Focus 10 Challenge. Today I’m just closing the loop and adding some final thoughts.

PF10 The Final Chapter

First of all, I want to thank my fellow collaborators (Ingrid from Curly Spring Blossom, Stashy from Stash Matters, and Joy from Styled with Joy) for keeping the challenge going for all ten weeks. And I especially want to thank Ingrid for being the brain that came up with this collab, and for asking me to participate! ❤

All in all, out of the 10 products, I was able to finish four and trash two.

I think that I will do this again in a few months, because after doing this, and swatching the single shadows in my collection, I’ve realized that I have a lot of makeup that gets neglected.

Summary of the 10 Products (and links in case you missed it):

Hard Candy Primer – reviewed week 1, trashed, will never use again after my bad reaction!

Wayne Goss Brush 01 – reviewed week 2, still in love with this brush, I swear it gets softer each week!

Living Proof Prime Style Extender – reviewed week 3, and finished by week 6! I didn’t notice that it made much of a difference for my hair, so I probably won’t get it again.

Essence Lash Mania Mascara (Waterproof) – reviewed week 4, trashed as it made my lashes droop horribly.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream – reviewed week 5, and finished at the end of March! My cuticles need this stuff, so I have to replace it asap!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer –  reviewed week 6, I didn’t use this as much as I had hoped, as I’m still a wee bit too pale right now, but I do plan on wearing it in the summer.

Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Shampoo – Reviewed week 7, finished! I will probably buy this again at some point, but I have some other shampoos to use up first.

Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Conditioner – Reviewed week 8, finished! I will probably buy this again at some point, but I have some other conditioners to use up first.

Georgie Beauty False Lashes No. 2 L’Avant Gardiste and Black Lash Adhesive – reviewed week 9, they are so pretty, I need to master the art of applying false lashes!

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette – reviewed week 10, I managed to use this a minimum of twice a week, sometimes more. I’ve actually continued to use it at least once or twice a week since.

Would you do a similar type project pan?

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! ❤

Disclosure: I purchased all of these things!

17 thoughts on “Project Focus 10 – The Final Chapter

  1. Hahaha, I did a double take on your post title, I named mine the exact same! Great minds!!! 😀
    I think you did the best out of all of us on this project – finished 4 and trashed 2 – wow! Awesome to have done this round with you… until next time! 😉

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  2. You guys are great!! Def saw a lot of new things from your posts and I’m still sad the my fave mascara didnt work on you..☹️☹️ But!! Great job to you ladies!!👍🏻🙋🏼👏🏻🎉

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  3. This was so much fun !!! ☺️Thank you my friend for this first collaboration … I foresee many more to come 😛
    I’m so proud of you for finishing 4 products & decluttering/trashing 2 !!!🎉🎉🎉

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