Swatching Singles – The Browns

Hello, hello!

Today I’m swatching the brown toned single shadows in my collection. As always, swatched on bare skin / no primer in natural light. My favourites are in bold. These ones are from Concrete Minerals, Urban Decay, Fyrinnae and ColourPop.

Let’s get started! From left to right we have: Urban Decay (Smog, YDK, and Lounge)

Swatching Singles - The Browns

I’d forgotten how beautiful these ones were!

Swatching Singles - The Browns

Up next we have Fyrinnae (Medieval Haunting), Urban Decay (Underground) and Fyrinnae (Pumpkinfire).

Swatching Singles - The Browns

Pumpkinfire is really difficult to photograph, it has such a beautiful dark orange micro glitter type flash.

Swatching Singles - The Browns

Up next are that are so closely matched, Fyrinnae (Iberian Lynx) and Concrete Minerals (Party Monster).

Swatching Singles - The Browns

In person, they are even more similar than the swatch appears! That is a good thing because I think that the Fyrinnae one has been discontinued!

Swatching Singles - The Browns

Up next we have three from Concrete Minerals – Cosmonaut, Disturbia and Bandit:

Swatching Singles - The Browns

I’ve been wearing this three paired together a lot lately, and sometimes with a bit of Party Monster thrown into the mix.

Concrete Minerals Pro Matte - CosmonautConcrete Minerals Pro Matte - Disturbia

Concrete Minerals Pro Matte - Bandit

And lastly we have ColourPop (Stereo) and Concrete Minerals (Arsenic):

Swatching Singles - The Browns

I need to use these two more often. That is the wonderful thing about this project, I’m rediscovering so many gems!


So there you have it, all of the brownish toned single shadows in my collection. Which ones do you like the best?

I have just one colour grouping left to swatch for you all – the black, white, grey and silver toned shadows.

In case you’ve missed it, I’ve already swatched the gold / copper / bronze and oranges, the greens, the blues, the pinks and the purples in my collection.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! ❤

Disclosure: I purchased all of these things!

39 thoughts on “Swatching Singles – The Browns

  1. I guess you’re not surprised that I’d actually own some of the shades you have in this post, right? 😉
    I have UD Smog, UDK, and Underground (although I’ve misplaced Underground and I’ve been looking everywhere for it – I think I depotted it and it might be hiding in a custom palette).
    Fyrinnae Medieval Haunting and ColourPop Stereo are stunning!
    If I did a post on my brown tone singles, it’d be way too long, I’d have to break it into several posts! 😆

    Liked by 3 people

  2. You have so many single eyeshadows !!!😳
    I do own UD Smog & Underground, for some reasons I always go for my palettes instead of my singles !
    Fyrinnae is totally new to me !!!

    Liked by 1 person

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