Swatching Singles – Black, White & Silver

Hello, hello!

This is the last colour grouping for my single shadows swatching project. I hope that you’ve enjoyed taking a peek at my shadow collection. I really liked doing this as it made me rediscover some hidden and forgotten gems! These ones are from Concrete Minerals, Urban Decay, Fyrinnae and one oldie from Annabelle. Here we go, from left to right, swatched on bare skin / no primer, taken in natural light with favourites in bold.

From Fyrinnae, we have Pure Sugar, and Mithril:

Swatching Singles B&W, Silver

I completely forgot that I owned these two! With primer, Pure Sugar is more white, and Mithril is more silver.


Next we have two from Concrete Minerals – Wednesday and Ether:

Swatching Singles B&W, Silver

I love these two shades so much!

Swatching Singles B&W, Silver

Up next is Urban Decay Gunmetal, and Concrete Minerals Nocturne:

Swatching Singles B&W, Silver

Gunmetal was my go-to for a smokey eye for a long time!

Swatching Singles B&W, Silver

Here’s Annabell Carbon, and Concrete Minerals Black Metal:

Swatching Singles B&W, Silver

Black Metal is amazing when used over primer, or used wet!

Swatching Singles B&W, Silver

Here’s another two that I completely forgot that I owned, Fyrinnae Immortality and Kuroneko:

Swatching Singles B&W, Silver

Photos do not capture the the amazing rainbow flecks in Immortality! Again, these two are best used over primer, or wet.

Swatching Singles B&W, Silver

So there you have it, my entire single shadow collection has been swatched! Which ones do you like the best?

In case you’ve missed it, here’s my  gold / copper / bronze and oranges,  greens, bluespinks , purples  and browns in my collection.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! ❤

Disclosure: I purchased all of these things!

25 thoughts on “Swatching Singles – Black, White & Silver

  1. I have Fyrinnae Immortality – I agree, it’s stunning in person but difficult to see in photos.
    I love UD Gunmetal – I think that was originally only available in one of the Naked palettes and they made it into a single.

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  2. All of these eyesahdows look right up my street though I don’t tend to wear dark greys or blacks much. Silver is one of my favourite colours to wear on it’s own, it really makes the eyes pop!

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  3. I always love grey and silver based eye shadows as they are great for creating smokey eyes and at the moment I’m owing a palette from Acessorise which is just for grey shades alone and I totally love it. Have an awesome Tuesday

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