Swatching Eyeliners

Hello, hello!

Since people seemed to like my swatching singles posts, I thought that I would continue with the theme and swatch all of my eyeliners for you. I’d gotten rid of a lot of old ones at some point last year, so my collection is fairly small.

Swatching Eyeliners

I have several from Urban Decay, one from Tarte, one from Kat Von D, and an ancient one from Stila.

Here’s the one’s from Urban Decay: from left to right perversion (the blackest matte black), zero (black), smokeout (more of a dark brown), psychedelic sister (awesome purple) and goldmine (gold). Out of these ones, I use perversion, zero and smokeout the most. I sometimes use psychedelic sister, and rarely ever use goldmine.

Swatching Eyeliners

These two I had completely forgotten that I owned – the first one is from Tarte, I think that this one came in a 500 points gift from Sephora ages ago. The other one is from Stila, and is ANCIENT. I don’t even think that this product still exists, but it continues to be smooth and creamy, so I’ll probably keep it a little longer.

Swatching Eyeliners

Up next are the only two liquid liners in my collection. The first one, is a mini that I’d gotten in my giveaway winnings from Hello Kaily last year. This was another one that had gotten lost in my makeup trays, so I think that this is the first (maybe second) time I’ve ever opened it. I’ll probably try using it later this week. The second one is from Essence, and it has thickened up, so I’ll be putting it in my April empties post before trashing it.

Swatching Eyeliners

So there you have it, all of the eyeliners in my make-up stash.

Do you have a lot of eyeliners? Or do you just have “the one”?

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! ❀

Disclosure: None of these things were given to me by companies. I either purchased them myself, or got them as point perks from Sephora ,or won in a personal blog giveaway.

35 thoughts on “Swatching Eyeliners

  1. Just like you I mainly use black eyeliners, sometimes brown ones, occasionally a purple one… I think I’ve got a light blue and white eyeliner somewhere too but I don’t use them. Why I got them in the first place I don’t know…

    Btw, love the ‘lightning’ swatches. πŸ™‚

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  2. I received a mini size of UD’s Perversion a while back. Only used it twice and it smudged a bit on my lid after a few hours. The Kat Von D liner works well for me. I have that dreaded oily lid issue, so I have to make sure I prime them before using any liner.

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    1. I haven’t had too much smudging with perversion, zero and smokeout – but I mostly just use them to tightline. But if I start blinking too much before the eyeliner “sets” – then I will have some transfer.


  3. These are ALL your eye liners! Oh my. I just have endless brown and taupe liners – over and over again. If I swatched mine, you’d just see the same colours repeated! πŸ˜› Do you wear liners daily? Is the KVD liquid liner in brown? I’d be interested in hearing about the performance of that one!

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  4. I love that you swatched them in a thunderbolt/Harry Potter’s scar! I really just own 3 (a black, a blue and a green) and a black liquid liner. Out of which I mostly use just black. This post has inspired me to wear my other colors though. Thanks for sharing!

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