Generation Beauty Purchases & Toronto Haulage

Hello, hello!

Today I’d like to show you what I purchased at the Generation Beauty event and other things that I purchased while in Toronto.

Generation Beauty Purchases:

Generation Beauty Purchases

At the Essence Cosmetics Booth, they had a pick any five products for $15. As you can see I chose a mascara, a lip oil, an eyeshadow primer, a nail polish and a blush.

Generation Beauty Purchases

I purchased a fan brush at the Luxie booth. It was just under $15. Sadly the bristles got a little crunched in my bag on the way back to Montreal, but hopefully I can fix that.

The last thing that I purchased was a Flawless Face Blender. Crown Brush’s version of the Beauty Blender. I paid $6 for this sponge.

Friday Shopping:

Toronto Haulage

I picked up two solid perfumes from H&M on Friday while wandering around downtown waiting for my friend to finish work.

Toronto Haulage

I also popped into Sephora on Friday specifically looking for the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector. This was a “blogger made me buy it” purchase as I’d been wanting this ever since Stashy reviewed it on her blog.

Epic Saturday Meetup and Shopping:

After spending a few hours at the Generation Beauty Show, I was able to meet up with two fellow bloggers – Cat from My Lip Addiction, and Stashy from Stash Matters!

We went to a cafe because it was really windy and cold, and both wanted to see the loot that I got at the Generation Beauty event. Once we had caffeinated and warmed up we headed out for some shopping, hitting the Marshal’s store where Stashy often finds great stuff. The key is to go often because the stock changes frequently.

After that, we headed to Queen Street West to the Nyx store. It was jam packed, but we managed to elbow our way through the masses to look at the products.

I purchased the Ombre Blush at the Nyx store in Mauve Me.

After that we headed to the Saje store where everything smells AMAZING. I could have spent all my money there but restrained myself to just buying one thing.

Toronto Haulage

Again, this was a “blogger made me buy it” purchase, and also a Stashy reviewed product.

We also went to Urban Outfitters to see what they had in their beauty section, and also checked out an Asian Beauty shop (sadly I have no idea of the store’s name). We probably spent more time talking than actually shopping!

Both Cat and Stashy are genuinely lovely. I’m so happy that I was able to meet them and spend time with them in real life! I absolutely cannot wait to hang out with them the next time I’m in Toronto, or maybe I can convince them to come to Montreal. ❤

So there you have it, that is everything that I purchased while in Toronto. Reviews to follow once I’ve tested everything out.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! ❤

Disclosure: I purchased all of these things!

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      1. You’ll have to let me know if it’s good☺ I’ve just realised a shop near me does essence, so no excuses to not try it now I know I can get it. You got to go to NYX shop too. I bet it was busy but it’s nice to look at the products in person, rather than online x

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