Eye Shadow Primers – Essence and Too Faced

Hello, hello!

Today I’ll be reviewing two eye shadow primers that I have been testing out. Perfect timing to get new primers as I was nearly out of my usual one from Concrete Minerals.

The first one is the I Love Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base from Essence Cosmetics *Purchased at the Essence booth at Generation Beauty*

Here’s what it says on the website:

colour push. used as a primer, the eyeshadow base makes every eyeshadow even brighter, more colour-intensive and longer-lasting. the creamy texture in soft rosé can also be worn alone and won’t settle in the crease.

Essence I Love Colour Intensifing eyeshadow base

My Experience: I really like this eye shadow primer, it does make shadows brighter and longer-lasting. I haven’t experienced any creasing when wearing it. Plus Essence products are super affordable with most things costing less than $5 CAD.

The second shadow primer is Glitter Glue from Too Faced. *Generation Beauty Gift Bag Swag*

Glitter Glue is your full-coverage insurance policy against glitter fallout. Lock down glitter, shimmer, or metallic shadows and enhance their reflective quality. Tap a small amount onto bare lids to lock glitter down. Sparkle fallout is history!


My Experience: This shadow primer is perfect for my loose shadow collection as I have many glittery / shimmery / metallic shades. It really does help to keep the loose shadows in place and prevents them from falling out. Shadows do keep their colour intensity with this stuff. It is pricier than that of the Essence primer at $28 CAD, but worth it if you wear lots of glittery, shimmery or metallic shadows.

Too Faced Glitter Glue

Have you tried either of these eye shadow primers? What shadow primers do you use?

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! ❤

Disclosure: Post contains products that were free, and products that were purchased by me. I am under no obligation to review these things.

25 thoughts on “Eye Shadow Primers – Essence and Too Faced

  1. Sounds amazing! I only use the too faced primer and want to try the wet n wild one. I guess I’ll look into the essence next time.😃

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      1. Gonna check it out soon. I was at Ulta over the weekend but most of their essence products were sold out.

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