Maison Jacynthe Make-Up Review

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Maison Jacynthe

Today I’m super happy to be sharing a few products from a company that is cruelty free AND Canadian. Maison Jacynthe, also known as Les Soins de Jacynthe, a Quebec based company, was founded by Jacynthe René,a Quebec actress, producer and writer. She runs the online magazine jmagazine and has written several books and articles on health, cleansing diets and natural beauty.

Not only is Maison Jacynthe a cruelty free company, it is Beauty Without Bunnies certified! As well, the products are natural using plant based and essential oils, and other active ingredients.

I was invited to test out the recently launched Maison Jacynthe make-up line, I chose to try a concealer, a lipstick, and a blush. So far the makeup line includes mascara (1), lipstick (9), concealer (3), blush (2), face powder (2), bronzers (2), eye shadows (15), and eyeliner (pencil and liquid).

First of all, I want to show you the packaging of the shipping box. This is what arrived in my mailbox! I love that they have their own specialized packaging!

Anti-cernes 01 Beige Léger (Concealer, Light Beige)

First off, the outer packaging of the concealer:

Just wait until you see the product! It really is one of the best looking concealers that I’ve ever seen with its wood and metal casing! Stunning.

Here’s what it says in their catalogue  (any translation mistakes are mine):

Les correcteurs anticernes naturels illuminent le regard, hydratent le contour de l’oeil, estompent les cernes et masquent les rougeurs et les imperfections de façon homogène grâce à leurs pigments réflecteurs de lumière. <These natural corrective concealers illuminate the skin, hydrate the eye contour, fade dark circles and mask redness and blemishes thanks to their light reflecting pigments>

This concealer really is hydrating, it applies smoothly. It blends in seamlessly with my skintone as you can see in the photo (on the left swatched, on the right blended).

On my face, it blends in naturally and doesn’t crease. I’ve been using this daily both with foundation, or just with my finishing powder.

Rouge à lèvres 06 Bois de Rose Transparent Mate (Lipstick 06 Rosewood)

The packaging for the lipstick is similar to that of the concealer. Beautiful.

The product packaging is so luxurious! It stands out among my lipstick collection!

Here’s what it says on the website (again, any translation mistakes are mine):

Les rouges à lèvres naturels offrent une couleur éclatant tout en prenant soin des lèvres. Les actifs tels que la cire de Candelilla leur donnent un aspect crémeux et fluide et agissent comme un baume protecteur. Riches en pigments, ils sont proposés en dégradés par le rose et le beige rosé. Des rouges à lèvres principalement couvrants, de couleur mate ou nacrée, avec une excellente tenue longue durée, pur un maquillage en toute simplicité. <These lipsticks give a brilliant colour while taking care of the lips. Active ingredients such as Candelilla wax give a creamy and fluid look and feel like a lip balm. Rich in pigments, they are available in nine different shades, in both matte and pearl finishes, long lasting>


This lipstick feels like a lip balm when applied, very moisturizing and comfortable on the lip. The colour is slightly sheer and glossy, and long wearing. And the colour is so perfect for fall!

Fard à joues 01 Romé0 (Blush 01 Romeo)

The blushes / bronzers, face powders, and eye shadows come in refill packaging, and can be placed into their beautiful refillable compacts, or even into a Z-Palette / other refillable palette.

Here’s what it says in the catalogue description (any translation mistakes are mine):

Les fardes à joues naturels ont aussi une excellente tenue pour une teint sublimé et structuré. Mats et légèrement brillants, ils procurent un effet bonne mine immédiat. <These natural blushes are also an excellent way to add a subtle or structured flush to the skin. Matte yet lightly shiny, these blushes provide a healthy glow.>

Maison Jacynthe Fard a Joues

When I first opened this blush, I thought that I made made a terrible mistake in colour choice as it looks like it would be really dark on my fair skin. But with a light touch in application, it gives my skin a subtle healthy glow. If I’m heavy handed in application, I look like a clown! The shade Romeo is perfect for fall, especially when paired with the Rouge à lèvres / Lipstick in Bois de Rose / Rosewood.

This was my first experience with using products from Maison Jacynthe. I don’t think that it will be my last, as they have a skincare line as well that looks amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing more from this Quebec company.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! Merci! ❤

Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for an honest review.

45 thoughts on “Maison Jacynthe Make-Up Review

  1. The packaging (both the product and the carton) are adorable! I chose the same blush shade as you… I haven’t received my package yet due to shipping confusion but I can’t wait to play around. It’s so good to support Canadian brands especially if their products are good!

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  2. Great picks – I received a package from them as well and I chose a lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. I can’t wait to try them, everyone’s reviews have been stellar! So happy to support a Canadian brand too! 🙂

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  3. Hello, super article d’une marque que je ne connaissais absolument pas. Je viens d’aller voir sur le site, les eaux florales ont l’air très bien, par contre, je n’ai pas l’impression qu’ils livrent en France, je vais approfondir le sujet. Si vous aimez les cosmétiques cruelty free, connaissez-vous ceux d’Ellis FAAS, avec un autre packaging certes mais vraiment top, si l’envie vous prend, jetez un œil sur mon article : . bonne journée Sylvie

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      1. -:) je vais découvrir plus avant votre blog, je suis toujours avide de nouveautés. Le hic souvent est de trouver des sites qui vendent en France.

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