Annabelle BigShow Waterproof Mascara

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Today I’m reviewing the BigShow Waterproof Mascara from Annabelle Cosmetics, a Canadian brand!  Here’s what it says about the BigShow WP Mascara:

Dare to get the max volume effect with the new BigShow Waterproof mascara! Its volume-boosting waterproof formula, enriched with carnauba extract for a softening effect, delivers instant volume. Plus, its clump-free brush helps you avoid heavy lashes.

It also says that three coats will give 11X the volume.

Onto the review:

Annabella BigShow Waterproof Mascara

My lashes are long and stick straight. My eyes are sensitive so many mascaras tend irritate my eyes. That being said, I have seven requirements for a mascara:

1. waterproof

2. smudge-proof

3. non-flaking / non-clumping

4. must be DARK black (not blackish, not brown black, and definitely not grey black)

5. volumizing

6. must hold a curl

7. non-irritating to my sensitive eyes

Annabella BigShow Waterproof Mascara

So how does this mascara measure up to my seven requirements? I would say that this mascara is on par with my holy grail mascaras (Essence Cosmetics I ❤ Volume and Get Big Lashes Waterproof)! It meets all seven of my requirements! I just don’t think that it gives 11X the volume, but it does add a nice bit of volume to my lashes, even with just one or two coats. I never wear three coats of mascara, so maybe it really is the third coat that does it volume-wise.

I was hoping to do some swatching and photographing today, but thus far it is a dark and rainy day. Hope the sun comes out later!

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: I purchased this!

20 thoughts on “Annabelle BigShow Waterproof Mascara

  1. I tried the Big Show in the pink tube before the whole relaunch and it was really volumizing but it was clumpy for me. I liked it but not love it. Might have to try the new ones. I don’t like waterproof mascaras so I’d get the regular one!

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