Red Lips for Christmas* – My Picks

Hello, hello!

Red Lips for Christmas* – Or any other holiday, or any reason to celebrate

My picks:

Red Lips

From left to right – Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick F-Bomb (shade is still available as a Vice Lipstick), Essence Adorable Matt!, ColourPop Lost, and Nars Cruella.

Red Lips

Which one would you choose to wear?

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! ❤

37 thoughts on “Red Lips for Christmas* – My Picks

      1. So true! I shouldn’t complain about the cold because it’s still around 7 degrees over here at the moment – and apparently it’ll be 14 degrees this Christmas. But despite the relatively mild weather I’ve still noticed a difference in how my lips feel. Ah, any excuse to buy more lip balm!

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      2. I can’t handle the cold either. I’ve experienced extreme cold and I know what -20C feels like. I don’t want to experience this again.

        I really wonder how you guys cope with the extreme cold. I don’t think I’d manage to even leave the house!

        Yes, the South of England is quite nice in winter. It can be frosty for a few days every other winter, but it’s rather uncommon. But I’m not complaining because I hate the cold. And I hate snow. And I’m well aware that I’m a total weakling!

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