Cougar Beauty Snake Superfood Booster Serum

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Today I’m reviewing the second of my Cougar Beauty treats that were sent to me – the Snake Superfood Booster Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. For my Hyaluronic Acid Facial Oil review, click here.

Here’s what is says on the website:

Loaded with nutrients, ceramides, glycerin, natural ingredients and vitamins like C, K, E, skin serums are water-based products, that have the ability to penetrate deep within the layers of the skin, so that results happen faster and more effectively.

The Snake Superfood Serum is designed as a soothing & anti aging serum combination, with aloe vera to cool, and super fruit extracts to deeply moisturise and boost skin cell production and Synthetic Snake Venom Extract to provide the anti ageing benefits.  

Synthetic Snake Venom is developed to mimic the paralyzing effect that Snake Venom has on the skin. Actual Snake Venom causes muscular paralysis, which paralyzes the skin then the whole body.

To achieve the same effect for the facial skin, a synthetic derivative of the venom can be used to deaden the muscles in the face to prevent the formation or deepening of wrinkles.

Synthetic Snake Venom reduces muscular contractions in the face and reduces cell movement; thereby keeping the skin smooth and wrinkle free.

Cougar Beauty Snake Superfood Booster Serum

Reading the description makes this serum sound super scary! But I assure you, it is not. It is a milky gel type serum, and quickly absorbs into the skin. I did a patch test on my arm first, and then on my neck, because I’d never used a serum like this before, so I was a little nervous! Thankfully, my sensitive skin did not react!

I’ve been using this serum twice daily for two weeks now, and my fine lines are reduced and my skin looks smoother, but I still have movement / expression and not that creepy frozen doll face that I’ve seen some over Botoxed faces with.

I’ll have to come back and update this review once I’ve used it for 4 to 6 weeks to see if there are any further improvements in my skin.

Cougar Beauty Snake Superfood Booster Serum

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! ❤

Disclosure: PR samples, however my opinion is my own, based on my experience in using this product.

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