Spring Cleaning Project – 1 Month Check-In & Update

Hello, hello!

The lovely Ingrid from Curly Spring Blossom has once again convinced me to take part in a new project pan – this time a Spring Cleaning Project Pan. This one is a little different than the previous ones, as we will be only posting once a month with our progress and reviewing four of the sixteen products to be panned.

Today is the one month check-in and update and review of four of the products! I’ve been pretty good about using every product at least once or twice a week, and for some products, I’m using them more than that.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve:

Spring Cleaning Project (Pan) Collab

I don’t know how many of these tins I’ve purchased over the years, but I usually have one every winter. This is my main “at home” lip balm for winter. This winter my lips have been super dry, so I’ve been using this all the time when I’m home.

Garnier Fructis Style De-constructed Beach Chic Spray

Spring Cleaning Project (Pan) Collab

Someone gave this to me because they didn’t like it. I still can’t remember who it was. But I can understand why they passed it on! It has a really strong scent that just does not seem to fade. I only use this once a week, on the day before I plan on washing my hair. I don’t love this. I don’t really even like it. It makes my hair feel gross and crunchy. If it isn’t finished by the end of this project pan, I’ll be dumping it out and recycling the container.

The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer

Spring Cleaning Project (Pan) Collab

This is a nice matte bronzer – I just have to be careful in applying it, since I’m super pale. I love that it isn’t shimmery. I’ve been trying to use it most days that I wear makeup.

The Balm Cabana Boy Blush

Spring Cleaning Project (Pan) Collab

I absolutely LOVE this blush! It works really well with my skintone. I’ve been wearing this one a lot every week! I’ve added the full sized version to my wishlist.

Now for a little science on all sixteen of the products! I borrowed Stashy’s scientific method for measuring progress – I’ve weighed each of the products on my new little kitchen scale, so I can keep track of how much I will have used up each month.

Spring Cleaning Project (Pan)

Ok, I don’t understand why Cabana Boy did not decrease in weight, but Bahama Mama did when I actually used Cabana Boy way more! And ColourPop Sticky Sweet increased in weight!

But as you can see, I am making some progress on a lot of the products.

Don’t forget to check out Ingrid’s blog for her Spring Cleaning Project!

Feel like joining in? Let us know! The next update will be on April 3rd!

Thanks for reading, and have a beautiful day! ❤

Disclosure: Nothing to disclose, all products either purchased by me, or gifted from a friend.

26 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Project – 1 Month Check-In & Update

  1. I had a beach waves salt texturising spray before that made my hair feel crunchy and horrible too. It wasn’t Garnier though, I can’t remember the brand, but I just couldn’t get on with it and nor did it give me anything akin to beach waves!x

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  2. Wow you did so good!👏🏻 How on earth did the Colour Pop increase in weight ??? (so strange😏) Last year I bought the Smiths Mocha Rose Lip Balm with Vanilla and I certainly don’t like it as much as the original one!

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  3. Hey, you just updated your blog header! 🙂
    I may need my beauty addict membership card revoked because I’ve never tried that Smith’s Rosebud Salve! I put it on my wish list for Christmas but no one got it for me. 😛
    I tried TheBalm Cabana Boy Blush over the weekend and it’s really pretty! I can definitely see why it’s so popular.
    Woohoo, looking at the weight changes definiely helps incentivize this whole project. 😀

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