Wildcraft Buff Face & Body Scrub Review

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Wildcraft Buff Face & Body Scrub

Today I’m reviewing another one of the treats that I was given for my birthday last month – the Buff Face & Body Scrub from Toronto-based Wildcraft. Descriptions in italics taken from the Wildcraft website:

Wildcraft is a Toronto based company devoted to creating 100% natural skin care products. Our products are all handmade in small batches with ingredient lists that are simple, pure and easy to understand, giving you peace of mind in knowing exactly what you are putting on your body.

Wildcraft Buff Face & Body Scrub

Here’s what it says about the Buff Face & Body Scrub:

Clean and smooth your skin with this invigorating, mineral rich exfoliant for the face and body. The healing ingredients gently remove dull skin and dry out blemishes so your natural beauty can shine through. Leaves skin feeling refreshed, soft and polished.

Key properties:
– Clears congested skin
– Helps dry out blemishes
– Increases skin cell turnover

Wildcraft Buff Face & Body Scrub

This exfoliating scrub comes in a glass bottle, in dry powder form, and you just pour a small amount into your hand and add water. Buff has a really fresh spearmint scent, and works beautifully as an exfoliating scrub. Although it says that it can be used as a facial exfoliator, I’ve only used it as a body scrub as I have very sensitive skin, and it feels like it would be a little too harsh for my face. If you don’t have super sensitive skin, you probably could use it on your face. All in all, I really like this one!

Here’s the ingredient list:


Have you tried anything from Wildcraft? I definitely want to try more from this Canadian brand! Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day ❤

Disclosure: This was a birthday gift from a friend.

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