Trust Fund Beauty – Just Talk to My Lawyer Review

Hello, hello!

Today I have a little review of a nail polish from Trust Fund Beauty, a Montreal-based vegan and cruelty free brand (yay Canada!). The funny thing is that the nail polish was purchased in Toronto, and sent to me, here in Montreal! (this is part of my birthday loot, fyi)


A little bit about Trust Fund Beauty (info in italics taken from their website):

Samara Granofsky is the founder, creator and brain behind Trust Fund Beauty. She started this brand in memory of her late mother. Samara’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and had to go through chemotherapy.

The treatment made her nails brittle and yellow so she wanted a nail polish to wear to feel better about herself. At the time, a the brands on the market offered a limited selection of colours and names that were not fun. Samara’s mother wanted a cool fashion forward brand, but could not find one.

Years after her Mother’s passing in February 2014, Samara decided to launch Trust Fund Beauty. She combined her mothers want and their joint sense of humour to create the brand.

Trust Fund Beauty started off with nails but quickly expanded to other products.  It was important for Samara to create an ethical brand with a sense of humour to show that you can be ethical, beautiful and sassy all at the same time. 

The polish is in the shade “Just Talk to My Lawyer” – which is no longer listed on the website (possibly discontinued shade?) but it is a dark blackened burgundy. The formula applies a little streaky and sheer with the first coat, but evens out nicely  with a second coat, and dries to a glossy finish. In the swatch photos, I’m not wearing a top coat, just to show how shiny the finish is.

Nail polish doesn’t last very long on my fingernails, regardless of the brand, so for me to get more than three days without any chipping is a MIRACLE. This one lasted four days before I had some chipping near the tips. It lasted three weeks on my toes before any chipping / wear occurred.

I love that this nail polish is non toxic – free some of the common toxic ingredients like toluene, formaldehyde, lead, nickel, phthalates (and other nasties), vegan and cruelty free. I’d like to try more from this brand!

Have you tried anything from Trust Fund Beauty?

Disclosure: Birthday gift from a friend!

16 thoughts on “Trust Fund Beauty – Just Talk to My Lawyer Review

  1. I love Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes!! They are so gorgeous and the formula is great. I also like their names haha. That is a stunning color!!

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