Ipsy GlamBag May 2017 Unbox & First Impressions

Hello, hello!

My May Ipsy Glam Bag finally arrived. This month’s bag has a summer theme.

Let’s see what I got this month! (Descriptions in italics taken from the Ipsy website)

Up first is a Charcoal Wash Off Mask from Global Beauty Care

Ipsy GlamBag May 2017

  • Another mud mask? Groundbreaking. But seriously, this one’s special! It’s made from charcoal, which digs deep to gently remove icky dirt and grime without drying out your skin.

  • If you want to skip makeup, this mask is great for prepping your complexion to bare it all. Think: all the glowy goodness of a facial in just 15 minutes!

I love facial masks, so I was pretty happy to get this one. I have yet to try it out, so a review is still to come. According to the packaging, this product is not tested on animals.

Up next, is a five shade Island Life mini palette from Pacifica.


21 thoughts on “Ipsy GlamBag May 2017 Unbox & First Impressions

  1. Ooh I wish I’d gotten that lipstick! The MK duo looks pretty nice, too.

    I agree w the Pacifica palette – the e/s I’ve tried from them always looks pretty but it’s not the nicest quality. Very dry.

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  2. I like how that face mask as a little spout. Is it single use or is there enough product for more than one use?
    Hmm too bad the Pacifica eye shadows aren’t velvety feeling. I hope they wear well.
    Aww too bad about the coconut scented lipstick! Of all the scents they could have used! 😛

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  3. That’s too bad about that Pacifica eyeshadow palette – the shades look so pretty in the pan. I hate it when there isn’t even one matte shade included though – especially something like that that would be perfect for travel.

    That ice cream bag is pretty cute!

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  4. OMG THAT lipstick! This is so my colour. Too bad it’s coconut scented. I’d have given it away too…

    I like a few Pacifica fragrances, and I like that Pacifica does vegan + cruelty-free products. But it’s too bad that these eyeshadows feel gritty. That doesn’t sound great.

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      1. I’m the same! But it’s weird, you did like the coconut shampoo and conditioner (I can’t remember that cool brand, but you know which one I mean), and I did like Boots Extracts Coconut products. I guess coconut fragrances don’t have to be uber-obnoxious. The manufacturers just need to keep the fragrance subtle and do away with that sickening ‘density’ (I don’t know how to describe that either, but you know what I mean… THAT coconut density… ugh!).

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  5. Oh glad I’m not alone with the coconut scent. I don’t mind eating them just not the scent on beauty or skincare products.

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      1. Haha.. I don’t understand those who loves using body wash in coconut scent or lotion even.. I can’t! 😫

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