Natura Siberica Saaremaa Moisturizing Hand Cream

Hello, hello!

Today I have a little review of one of the gifts that I was given while in Estonia – the Saaremaa Organic Wild Estonian Cloudberry and Siberian Ginseng Moisturizing Hand Cream from Natura Siberica. (Info in italics taken from the Natura Siberica website)


Moisturizing cream gently cares for the skin of your hands, protects it from dehydration, stimulates active skin regeneration, making it more smooth and elastic. Organic cloudberry is rich in complex of С, А, Е, В1, В2, РР vitamins, antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids that give the skin extra nourishment and hydration, making it more soft and velvety. Siberian ginseng functions like active antioxidant, stimulates regeneration skin processes, prevents premature aging, and daily protects the skin of the hands from negative effects of the environment.


My hands have been really dry this summer. This is such a beautiful hand cream, it is highly moisturizing without being greasy. The scent is very mild and herbal – which I love because I cannot stand overly scented products! This hand cream is long lasting, my hands stay hydrated  and soft all day.

Natura Siberica has several eco certifications, is cruelty free and has some vegan products in their line.

Disclosure: This was a gift (from family).


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