Joik Luxurious Rose Bathmilk Review

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Today I have a review of one of the treats that I purchased for myself in Estonia – the Luxurious Rose Bathmilk (Luksuslik roosi vannipiim) from Joik.

Here’s a little background info on Joik  (Info in italics taken from their website):

Estonia is a country of nature – big forests, rivers and lakes and being in touch with nature is an important part of peoples lives, folk traditions are still remembered and carried along from generation to generation. At JOIK we combine ancient skills and knowledge about how to use plants for the benefit of health and beauty with modern research, ingredients and production technologies. 

In our products we use only the best highest quality ingredients from respected manufacturers. Including nordic plant extracts into our products is important for us and as much as possible we use Estonian ingredients – local canola oil, sea buckthorn oil, herbs and honey are an important part of our products. 

All JOIK products are made in accordance with best manufacturing practices and are never tested on animals.

And now onto the product itself:

From ancient times milk baths are well known as luxurious skin caring treatments.

Real full milk powder turns bathwater milky and makes skin silky soft.

Minerals rich seasalt relieves muscle tensions and tones the skin.

A feminine scent of aromatic roses  soothes the senses and gently lingers on the skin. 


The Luxurious Rose Bathmilk is a beautiful, gentle milk bath with a gorgeous true rose scent. The bathmilk contains dried rose petals – something that I’m not usually a fan of, because often it reminds me of dead bugs. But in this case, the petals actually look like rose petals, so it doesn’t bother me. My skin is SO smooth and soft after soaking in the bath.

What is your fave bath product? Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: I purchased this!


21 thoughts on “Joik Luxurious Rose Bathmilk Review

  1. So awesome! I would love to get my hands on some! Do they ship to the US? My grandparents on my fathers side were immigrants from Estonia but I didn’t ever get a chance to learn all of the wonderful things about the culture there,and there definitely are many! But great post very informative!

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    1. I think that they do, it says for international orders to shop at their .eu shop and for orders within Estonia to shop at the .ee store.
      Very cool. My partner is Estonian-Canadian but has lots of family still living in Estonia. It is such a beautiful country!

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      1. Awesome thank you so much, I looked earlier but didn’t have time to really find out anything! Yes I agree it is totally gorgeous, one day I will make it there in person hopefully soon!

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