Joik Micellar Water Review

Hello, hello!

Today I have my final Joik product review from my Estonia trip – the Micellar Water (Mitsellaarne näovesi). Here’s what it says on the Joik website:

Joik Micellar Water

This Micellar Water has a very, very, faint scent of cornflower and aloe – if you don’t have a sensitive nose, you probably won’t smell it at all.

It works well to remove most make-up – the exception being waterproof mascara – but that is fairly normal for most micellar waters that I’ve tried thus far.

The Joik Micellar Water leaves my skin feeling hydrated after using and no irritation for my sensitive skin. My only complaint is that it feels like it leaves a tiny bit of residue on the skin after I use it.

What is your fave micellar water?

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! ❤

Disclosure: I purchased this!

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