GummiBand Hair Cords Review

*PR sample*

Hello, hello!


You might have seen me doing a little unboxing on my Instagram Stories of a package from GummiBand. They did a call for bloggers and when I found out that they were a Canadian company, I sent them a an email to let them know that I was interested in trying GummiBands out.


I received a package with two of each of the following colours – clear, black, brunette, light pink, dark pink, teal and purple, as well as a lovely letter from the owner Kirsten. If you look at all the photos, there is one GummiBand missing because it was in my hair while taking photos! They are currently available in 8 different colours – the only one that I did not receive was the blonde.


My hair is fairly long (the longest point is just past my bra strap), thick and wavy. I’ve mostly stopped using conventional hair elastics, and was using those flat, stretchy, ribbon type hair bands – but found that they stretched out and got dirty looking after several uses.


After reading up on GummiBands, I was hopeful that they would work for me. (info in Italics taken from the GummiBands website).

GummiBand Hair Cords are:

Hypoallergenic (They do not absorb water or sweat so they do not breed bacteria)

Suitable for all types of hair (Long and thick hair? Use 2 GummiBands for extra hold!)

Gentle on hair, reducing breakage and styling damage.

Reusable for years. When the cord stretched out, warm it up with hot air from a hair dryer or hot water to return it to its original shape!

GummiBand hair cords come with a 1 year full replacement warranty

Even though it says to use 2 GummiBands for extra hold, I find that I can get away with just using one for either a ponytail or a bun – even with my thick, wavy hair!

They really do shrink back into shape when heated! I purposely stretched one out and then heated it with my hair dryer and it returned to its original shape.

I’ve been wearing mine daily since receiving my package. My unruly, messy hair is thankful! ❤


They come in a package of four, and sell for $7.99 CAD, with free shipping in Canada. As well, GummiBands has kindly given me a coupon code to receive 2 bonus GummiBands with the purchase of every four-cord pack. The code is BONUS16 (just add the code into the notes section during checkout.

A little bit about GummiBands:

-Amazingly Awesome People
-Proudly Canadian, eh
-From the land of LuluLemon and all-you-can-eat sushi… Vancouver
-100% Female owned and operated


They are very community oriented and give back!

The team at GummiBand supports women in business around the world through micro-loans on Kiva. Kiva allows us to select female loan applicants from developing countries and help fund their entrepreneurial or educational dreams. 

ALSO, they support more than 50+ local fundraisers, AND mentor female high school students.  AND they work directly with their factory to ensure fair, safe and profitable working conditions, AND directly employ 15 women in Canada, the Philippines and India.

I might be a little bit smitten with this Canadian company!

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: In case you missed it at the beginning, this contains PR samples and a coupon code, however my opinion is always my own!



44 thoughts on “GummiBand Hair Cords Review

      1. They are! I sleep with these bobbles in to keep my hair smoother, normal hair bands tug and ruin hair. It is great! Before my hair bands would snap or I’d lose them. So I’m sure these will last you ages x

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  1. I need to try these. My hair is forever getting ripped out of my head from the standard elastic bands. I’ve considered going back to my scrunchie ways.

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  2. These have been in Asia for years, I’ve been using them since I moved to Korea about six years ago. I also introduced my family to them so now have to send them home all the time lol. I’ve only ever had one break on me and it was cheaply made but not cheap from Forever 21, I needed one in a hurry and bought some from there one day. Usually I just get the no brand ones from the markets or small stores. So it broke while I was out and about one day but the cool thing was that because it was twisted in my hair it did not actually come out, it held my ponytail for hours more until I got home.

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  3. I was first skeptic when these type of hairties first came out… But I have to say, I’ve seen some great tutorials for updos with these! I’m definitely intrigued! xoxo Sarah

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      1. I have 2 ties lying around but haven’t gotten around using it yet hahah. I have extremely straight hair, the type you don’t need to comb or dry or straighten, because it does that on it’s own… But boy oh boy, it’s heavy!! So no hairtie lasts for long haha :p.

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