Bite Beauty Prismatic Multistick in Rose Pearl

Hello, hello!

I had a promo code from Sephora for a mini version of the Bite Beauty Prismatic Multistick in the shade Rose Pearl, and since it was on my wishlist, I picked it up with my last Sephora mini-haul. [info in italics taken from the Sephora website]

Bite Beauty Prismatic Multistick

What it is: A shimmering multistick that brings mesmerizing, pearl-inspired color to the lips, cheeks, or eyes.
What it does: This shimmering multistick delivers weightless, layerable color in a silicone-free formula. Like Bite Beauty’s original Multistick, Prismatic Pearl Multistick is breathable, blendable, and buildable. Wear each of the universally flattering pearl-inspired shades on their own for a mesmerizing monochromatic look, or layer them over any eye, cheek, or lip color—including original Multistick—for transformative dimension.

Bite Beauty Prismatic Multistick

The Prismatic Multistick comes in five different shades: Oyster Pearl (metallic taupe with silver shimmer), Rose Pearl (metallic rose with green and violet shimmer), Blush Pearl (metallic white with pink shimmer), Pink Pearl (metallic pink with red and pink shimmer) and Peacock Pearl (metallic teal with black, red, and green shimmer).

Bite Beauty Prismatic Multistick

The Prismatic Pearl Multistick is a really cool concept, as it is lip, eye and cheek safe. I’ve only tried it on my cheeks and lips so far, and it works well either way. It looks nice as a highlight, and as a pearly lip tint, and especially as a lip topper to add a pearly, metallic sheen to a lipstick. I think it is such a pretty shade!

Bite Beauty Prismatic Multistick

I think that I want to try them all! Have you tried any of the Prismatic Multisticks?

Disclosure: I used a promo code to get this for free with my last Sephora order.

20 thoughts on “Bite Beauty Prismatic Multistick in Rose Pearl

  1. Peacock Pearl has been on my radar for awhile. But I have a bazillion other products of that shade. But I want them
    ALL! 😂

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