Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil Review

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Today I’m reviewing the Argan Oil from Kahina Giving Beauty that came in my March Petit Vour box. It sat unopened in my stash until last week. [info in italics taken from the Petit Vour website]

Petit Vour March 2018

Certified organic and fair-trade argan oil. Light and non-greasy, argan oil absorbs easily, instantly giving skin a radiant glow.

• Minimizes fine lines
• Restores elasticity
• Improves skin tone
• Soothes irritation
• Neutralizes free radicals that cause signs of aging
• Protect the skin from harmful environmental agents

Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil

Because I have a few facial oils already open, I decided to use the Argan Oil for my hair and body. It is a lovely, highly moisturizing oil, that absorbs quickly into my skin and hair. It is really is non-greasy and lightweight.

The full size costs $82 USD for 100 ml, $36  USD for 30 ml, and $15 USD for 10ml.

Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil

Do you use Argan Oil? What is your fave oil for body / haircare use?

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: This came in my Petit Vour subscription box that I pay for.


5 thoughts on “Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil Review

  1. I’ve only ever used argan oil in hair products (i.e. the famous Daily Defense products which are made in Canada but apparently hard to impossible to find in Canada) and shower products.

    I do think I bought one or two face care products with argan oil, but they’re stashed away…

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