Sothys Chrono-Destressing Sleeping Mask Review

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Today I have a review of one of the new products from the Sothys nO2ctuelle Range that was sent to me from Sothys Canada and Poz Pub Inc. The newnO2ctuelle  range is targeted for nighttime usage. [info in italics taken from the Sothys Canada press release]

Sothys nO2ctuelle Chrono-Destressing Sleeping Mask

Lack of sleep, hectic lifestyle and daily aggression, put a strain on skin every day. Sothys tackles this problem with its night range, which takes visible action to counter environmental factors of ageing.

Because there is twice as much cellular renewal activity at night than during the day, Sothys developed a trio of winning products, to help the skin erase the visible signs of daytime damage caused by the environment, and visible work against premature skin ageing.

Sothys nO2ctuelle Chrono-Destressing Sleeping Mask

The line includes the Detox Resurfacing Overnight Cream ($109.50 CAD), the Relaxing Pillow Mist ($34.50 CAD) and the Chrono-Destressing Sleeping Mask ($62.50 CAD for eight 4ml masks).

Sothys nO2ctuelle Chrono-Destressing Sleeping Mask

A little bit about the Chrono-Destressing Sleeping Mask:

A formula packed with stabilized anti-ageing vitamin C plant extracts from oxygen-like nasturtium and active ingredients to capture light and promote skin wellness.

Ideally, apply 1 to 2 times per week instead of your usual cream and leave on the face and neck for 10 minutes. A new beauty routine and a first step toward letting go with a subtle fragrance that beckons sleep. A trifecta of citrus fruits are layered over a base of cedar and musk.

With vitamin C, nasturtium, chaste tree and lindera extracts, the Chrono-Destressing Sleeping Mask reduces the signs of ageing with a smoothing effect you can see from the first application. It requires a specific massage to improve its benefits: apply it with flattened palms to relaxing pressure points form the forehead to the base of the neck. Skin is visibly replenished and relieved from fatigue when you awaken.

Sothys nO2ctuelle Chrono-Destressing Sleeping Mask

I was able to get several uses from each of the mask packs that I received. Each time I used the Chrono-Destressing Sleeping Mask I woke up with glowing and smooth skin! I do wish that I had more packages of the sleeping mask, so I could test it out for a longer period of time!

Scent-wise it is very spa-like with its citrus, and cedar blend. I really cannot smell the musk (thankfully, as I don’t enjoy musk scents). The scent is very mild and disappears as the mask soaks into the skin. The fragrance did not trigger any sensitive skin reactions for me.

Sothys is available at institutes and spas across Canada (and worldwide).

I’ve previously reviewed some makeup from Sothys Fall Winter 2017 Collection (here) and their Crème Jeunesse / Youth Cream (here) if you want to check it out.

Disclosure: PR Samples from Sothys Canada / Poz Pub Inc, however my opinion (and sensitive skin) is very much my own.

8 thoughts on “Sothys Chrono-Destressing Sleeping Mask Review

  1. Sleeping masks are puzzling to me… basically it’s just a night cream. But great marketing though. 😛 I’ve tried several sleeping masks from other brands and I haven’t been blown away yet.

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    1. This was the first sleeping mask that I’d tried. And yeah, it is basically just a night cream in my opinion. But it was a nice one at least! I really liked their Youth Cream / Crème Jeunesse – it was so good for winter!


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