St. Tropica Organic Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask Review

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Today I’m reviewing the Organic Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask  from St. Tropica that came in my August Petit Vour box. [info in italics taken from Petit Vour]

St. Tropica Hot Oil Hair Mask

WHAT IT IS: A hot oil hair mask for stronger, thicker, lustrous hair!

WHAT IT DOES: Instantly repairs hair damage from the inside-out. Helps stimulate hair growth. Revitalizes & strengthens dry or damaged hair. Locks-in moisture to help eliminate split ends and frizzy hair.

I know that I just reviewed another hair mask earlier this week, but what can I say, I really do love hair masks! And my thick, wavy, frizz-prone hair needs help to keep it under control!

St. Tropica Hot Oil Hair Mask

This hair mask is to be heated before applying – heating in a microwave is recommended. Since I haven’t owned a microwave in many, many years, I just put the package in a bowl of hot water before applying to the mid-length and ends of my hair. The Organic Coconut Hot Oil Mask is a little messy to apply, as once the treatment is heated, it becomes super liquidy.

It does smell like coconut oil, but the other ingredients keep it from being overpowering scent-wise. [FYI – if you haven’t been reading my blog very long – I really do not like the scent of coconut. ]

Once applied, I left it on my hair for roughly 30 minutes before washing it out. The packaging recommends that you shampoo your hair TWICE with a clarifying shampoo, sadly I did not have any clarifying shampoo left in my stash, so I just washed my hair twice with a regular shampoo and rinsed it for a very long time. And then I rinsed it some more because I could feel some residue in my hair.

Once I finally got the Hot Oil Hair Mask fully rinsed out, I combed out my hair and let it air dry without any product. My hair was less frizzy, so incredibly soft, and super shiny! I do like how my hair reacted to this mask, but I will hold off on using it again until I pick up some clarifying shampoo – it really is necessary!

Ingredients 100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan | Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Biotin, Organic Horsetail, Organic Amla, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Green Tea, Organic Coconut Butter, Organic Coconut Fruit Extract

Disclosure: This came in my Petit Vour subscription box that I pay for.

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