LunnaBeauty Cleansing Facial Polish Review

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Today I have a review of the Cleansing Facial Polish from new Canadian Etsy store – LunnaBeauty. The creator, Ria, reached out to me to see if I would like to try out one of their hand-crafted skincare products.

LunnaBeauty Cleansing Facial Polish

A little bit about LunnaBeauty – based in Toronto, Ria is originally from India, and her products are based on recipes handed down from her grandmother. There are currently three products in the line – Cleansing Pixie Sticks (this is the Facial Polish in a different packaging format), Wakeup Cleansing Cubes, and Facial Cleansing Grains.

LunnaBeauty Cleansing Facial Polish

The key ingredients of the Cleansing Facial Polish are: organic rice for exfoliation and brightness, sugar for moisture and exfoliation, and clay for deep cleaning. The Pixie Cleansing Sticks also have lavender, almond and jojoba oils (for soothing and calming). My jar definitely did not contain lavender but I think that is a good addition as the powder does need a hint of scent (otherwise it smells really bland) and calming properties are always a plus in my opinion.

I did a patch test first (as I always do for all skincare), with the powder mixed with water to test for any reaction / sensitivity to the ingredients. After my patch test showed no problems, I used it every couple of days as my skin does tolerate daily exfoliation. I liked mixing it with rose water – both for the scent and for the added soothing properties. It was gentle on my sensitive skin.

LunnaBeauty Cleansing Facial Polish

Bonus tip – it works really well to soften dry hands!

What is your favourite exfoliation product? Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: PR sample. However my opinion is always my own.


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