Poetic Blend The Warrior Serum + The Cosmic Serum Review

Hello, hello!

Today I’m reviewing The Warrior Serum and The Cosmic Serum – they were bonus surprises in my recent Poetic Blend giveaway winnings! I’ve already reviewed The Hero Oil and The Timeless Oil earlier this week.

Poetic Blend - The Warrior Serum, The Cosmic Serum

The Warrior Serum is a full size, and The Cosmic Serum was a sample size [info in italics taken from the Poetic Blend website]

The Warrior Serum:

Poetic Blend The Warrior Serum

This incredibly powerful yet gentle serum is formulated with advanced ceramide technology. Plant derived ceramides boost moisture retention in the skin and combine with AHA’s and Glycolic Acid to fight free radical damage. Pore cleansing, plant-based Salicylic Acid helps shed dead skin cells and clear pores while stimulating cellular regeneration. The end result is a plumper, smoother, and even complexion, made for the warrior in all of us. Suitable for all skin types including mature & blemish-prone skin.

Poetic Blend The Warrior Serum

This is a powerhouse serum, but at the same time is super gentle on my sensitive skin. I’ve been using this serum nightly after cleansing, and wake up with fresh and smooth skin. I love this one!

The Cosmic Serum:

Poetic Blend The Cosmic Serum

A cosmic wonder made with constellations of plant peptides & hyaluronic acid 
Meet your skin’s kismet – this powerful force of a serum is loaded with Hyaluronic acid, a bevy of peptide complex blends and plant stem cells boost collagen and restore elasticity. Suitable for all skin types, especially those looking for superior hydration + anti-aging properties.

This is what the full size looks like [screenshot taken from the Poetic Blend website]

Poetic Blend The Cosmic Serum [shot taken from Poetic Blend website]

I’ve been using my sample of The Cosmic Serum in the mornings after cleansing, and before applying facial oil for an added hydration boost. It absorbs quickly and plays nicely with all of the facial oils, moisturizers and makeup that I’ve used with it.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: I won these in a giveaway, but because I love skincare, you know I’m going to share my experience!

17 thoughts on “Poetic Blend The Warrior Serum + The Cosmic Serum Review

  1. I love the label on the bottle. Looks so cute with the cartoons. Does all CA brands place both French and English descriptions on their products? I don’t know why, but I think Stashy mentioned something about CA brands usually place 2 languages on their labels.

    Recently my skin is over-reacting to everything. I think I’ve just hit my critical ageing point 😦 way scared to put anything on my face at the moment.


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