Nyx Machinist Ignite Palette Review

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Nyx Machinist Palette - Ignite

A few days ago, I reviewed two of the Ignite Lip Products from the recently launched Machinist Collection (inspired by Steampunk) and today I’m swatching and reviewing the Nyx Ignite Eyeshadow Palette from the collection. There are three palettes in the Machinist Collection – Grind, Steam and Ignite [info in italics taken from the Nyx Canada website]

Nyx Machinist Palette - Ignite

I don’t buy eyeshadow palettes very often because I have a fairly large collection of single shadows, but this palette had some shades that I didn’t already own.

Nyx Machinist Palette - Ignite

Kick your look into high gear with our limited-edition Machinist Shadow Palette. Available in three steampunk-inspired color combos, the Grind, Steam and Ignite collections all include 12 highly pigmented tones that breathe new life into this retro-futuristic fantasy. Mix and match each amaze assortment of cool and warm metals with bold mattes to create an amped up effect. From grungy romantic to vintage beauty, all you need is a spark of inspiration to make the mood your own.

Now onto the swatches, and my thoughts on each (faves will be marked with *). The shades do not have names, only numbers – so I’ll do them in order.

First row – shades 1 through 4:

Nyx Machinist Palette - Ignite

Shade 1 – matte.  I had to swatch this light cream shade heavily to make it visible on my pale skin. This one is great as a base shadow, or a browbone highlight.

Shade 2* – metallic. I love this taupe shade, been wearing it a lot! It looks even nicer on the eye than it does in the swatch.

Shade 3* – metallic. I have similar copper toned shades in my collection, but I really like this one as well. Copper tones work really well with my blue eyes.

Shade 4* – matte. This was one of the shades that drew me into this palette as I don’t own a similar shade. Love love love this one!

Second row, shades 5 through 8:

Nyx Machinist Palette - Ignite

Shade 5 – metallic. This shade is a letdown, it is such a pretty bronze shade in the palette, but applies horribly (even with primer).

Shade 6 – matte. I have similar shades in my collection, but it applies nicely.

Shade 7* – matte. This is one of the shades that drew me to the palette. I love this one in the crease.

Shade 8* – metallic. This was another one of the shades that drew me to the palette as I don’t already own a dupe for it.

Third row, shades 9 through 12:

Nyx Machinist Palette - Ignite

Shade 9* – matte. I love this shade a lot. I don’t already have a similar shade in my collection. I love this one as a crease shade!

Shade 10* – matte. Another great shade, I like this one for my outer corner or as a liner. I need to play with this shade more.

Shade 11 – metallic. This metallic shade takes a little extra time to make it work. It swatches more brown in tone that it looks in the pan.

Shade 12 – metallic. This is similar to many shades in my collection, I know I’ll use it.

Nyx Machinist Palette - Ignite

Overall: The matte shades are all great, but the metallic shades are hit and miss. Some are good (shades 2, 3 and 8), some are just ok (shades 11 and 12), and one is terrible (shade 5).

Since I started writing this review a few days ago, I have discovered that the metallic shades are a lot more workable if you use a wet brush application. This is not something that I would do for an every day look, but would take the extra time if I was doing a full on glam look.

What do you think of this palette? Have you tried the other two (Grind and Steam) from the Machinist Collection?

Nyx is cruelty free, but their parent company is not.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! ❤

Disclosure: I purchased this.


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