Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Body Cream Review

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Today I’m reviewing the Natural HawaiianBody Cream by Alba Botanica. I’ve previously reviewed the Body Oil. [info in italics taken from]

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream

Signature ingredient: An excellent source of linoleic and linolenic fatty acids, kukui nut oil is packed with fast-penetrating nutrients essential for healthy skin.

Product description: Tropical nut oils rich in essential fatty acids blended in a rich, luxurious body cream to soften, soothe and smooth rough, dry, flaky skin.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream

Features and benefits: Blending vanilla, cucumber and arnica extracts, with oils of kukui, macadamia, and safflower plus shea and cocoa butters, our Kukui Nut Body Cream penetrates deep and is absorbed quickly, holding in critical moisture without leaving excess oil. 

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream

This is supposed to be Body Cream, but texture-wise it is more of a super rich, body butter. It is beautiful, and thick, super luxurious without feeling heavy or greasy!

The scent is nutty and sweet like the Body Oil – I love the scent!

So amazing for keeping the winter coldness from completely drying my skin out!

And the kicker – I paid $6.99 CAD for it (at Provigo / Loblaws)!

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: I purchased this.

12 thoughts on “Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Body Cream Review

  1. I’m always eyeing this body cream at ultra and at my grocery store lol. It’s so pricey though you got it pretty cheap!! Once I run out of my lotions I may end up getting it just to try. I’ve only tried their acne dote face and body scrub

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