My Daughter Fragrances Joyful Perfume Review

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Today I have a review of the Joyful Perfume from My Daughter Fragrances that came in my November Petit Vour box. [info in italics taken from the My Daughter Fragrances website]

Petit Vour November 2018


Think white bouquets, delicate jasmine, sweet citrus sorbet; think dancing top notes of orange blossom and grapefruit, splashes of bergamot and spearmint. This scent can’t help but make you smile.

With jasmine of Grasse and rose at her heart, Joyful is as ageless as she is cheerful. Mellowing into sophisticated sandalwood dry down, she is a soft kiss after a spirited dance; she is a contented sigh after surprised laughter.

She is love and light. She is Joyful.

Petit Vour November 2018

This is the first time that I’ve gotten to try a scent from My Daughter Fragrances – they are a Canadian perfume company that is both cruelty free and vegan. Joyful is a beautiful floral based perfume, and the citrus notes and sandalwood keep it from being too flowery. I’m not usually a fan of jasmine, but it works well with the other notes.  It really does smell joyful and bright! For me this would be more of a spring / summer scent.

My only complaint is that the sample vial is very difficult to open!

Have you tried anything from My Daughter Fragrances?

Thanks for reading! have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: This came in my Petit Vour subscription box that I pay for.

7 thoughts on “My Daughter Fragrances Joyful Perfume Review

  1. Looking at the notes, this sounds like a lovely, bright and fruity summer holiday fragrance.
    I don’t love these vials either. Yes, they’re usually a pain to open. I prefer spray vials, but I appreciate that these are more expensive, and smaller (or indie) brands like this one have to be more cost-conscious, especially when they use quality ingredients like jasmine and orange flower essences.

    By the way, I love the new blog logo (can I say blogo?).

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