My Top 18 Cruelty Free of 2018

Hello, hello and Happy New Year!

I’ve been combing through my blog posts from 2018 and have for you my top 18 cruelty free products for 2018 – it includes bath & body, haircare, skincare and a little bit of makeup. It was really tough to narrow it down to just 18.

Let’s get started! These are not in any particular order, just grouped by category.

Bath and Body:

1. Buck Naked Soap Company Geranium & Purple Clay Sugar Scrub – I’ve been using this all the time, it works amazing to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. This might be my all time fave sugar scrub! Review is here. (PR product).

2. Buck Naked Soap Company Himalayan Salt Soap – Another staple in my bath / shower routine. It also works well to gentle exfoliate without drying out the skin. Review is here. (PR product)

3. Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Body Oil – I love this body oil, it smells amazing and it is fast to absorb into the skin without a greasy residue. Review is here.

4. Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Body Cream – This smells the same as the body oil, but I prefer to use this one in the cold winter months. Review is here.

Metta Skincare Comforting Hand Balm

5. Metta Skincare Comforting Hand Balm – Although I haven’t had this for very long, I’ve been using it daily and it has really been helping keep my hands soft. Review is here.


6. Kristen Ess Hair Sea Salt Air Dry Spray – This works well to give my hair beachy waves without making it feel crunchy or gross. Review is here.

7. Kariderm Restorative Hair Mask – I love hair masks and this one is exceptional. It makes my hair incredibly soft and really helps to tame it. Review is here. (PR sample)

8. Attitude Super Leaves Volume & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner – I’ve tried three different formulations from this line, and liked them all, this is my current fave because my hair gets uncharacteristically flat due to the cold air and hat wearing. Review is here.

9. Evolvh Ultimate Styling Lotion – This is such a great styling lotion. I tend to use this when I’m going to blow dry my hair because it adds volume and tame my hair at the same time. Review is here.

Wise Men's Care

10. Wise Men’s Care Birch Bark Daily Shampoo – This shampoo doesn’t lather very well, but it manages to clean my hair deeply. And it smells very woody / earthy. Review is here. (PR sample)


11. Poetic Blend The Hero Oil and The Timeless Oil – These facial oils are beautiful. I use each one depending on what I feel my skins needs on any given day. These are a must have in my skincare routine. Reviews are here, and here. (I won these in a giveaway)

12. Poetic Blend The Warrior Serum – I use this serum at night and wake up with beautiful skin. It has AHA, glycolic acid, and ceramides Review is here. (Part of my Poetic Blend giveaway prize winnings)

13. Pacifica Quinoa Sensitive Super Gentle Face Wash – I really like this cleanser, it is super gentle but manages to deeply clean. Review is here.

14. By Anhesa Cedar Face Cream – Another new product, but I’ve been using it a lot these days as it is lightweight yet hydrating, and plays nicely with facial oils and with makeup. Review is here.

15. Sudsatorium Great Gatsby Lip Scrub – This lip scrub is so good. So good! It is bright and minty and my lips are always so smooth and soft after I use it! Review is here.

16. Nova Scotia Fisherman Extreme Lip Care Lip Balm – I’m a lip balm addict. This one is great for winter weather because it protects and hydrates the lips. Review is here.


17. Elate Cosmetics Veiled Elation Mineral Veil – This is such a great loose powder. It gives my skin a very natural, radiance and doesn’t cling to dry patches. Review is here.

18. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream SPF30 – I barely wore foundation all summer because this worked so well to give me the light coverage that I prefer and SPF. Review is here.

Wow, it was really tough to narrow it down to 18! What were your faves for 2018?

Thanks for reading. have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: Please see original blog post reviews for details, all pr samples have been identified.

19 thoughts on “My Top 18 Cruelty Free of 2018

  1. My no. 1 hair styling product discovery in 2018 was “Curl Keeper total control for frizzy hair”. I got it from Stashy in a product swap thing. Honestly, it was like, where has this product been my whole life *LOL* It is an immediate HG status item.

    I haven’t really thought of my 2018 favourite products in general wahaha it is quite rare that my favourite changes over the years. I love reading these type of posts~~

    Liked by 2 people

    1. See, now you know why I rave like a lunatic constantly about the Curl Keeper! 😉
      Honest question, would you like for me to send you some more Curl Keeper? I’d hate to be such a tease to only send you a small supply and you can’t get your hands on more.
      Also, I should mention that I found another HG-worthy frizz taming product that’s also from a Canadian company; it is called Re:Coil by AG Hair. It is a cream based product and provides a softer hold but it makes my hair look silky and so refined.
      PS. I’d love to read a list of your favourite products from 2018!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hey, you~~~wahaha, we’re chatting on Hoiyin’s blog post. Sorry, Hoiyin xox

        I found a Curl Keeper supplier from UK shipping to France 😀 problem solved haha. I still need to send you a surprise goodie bag. How’s the strike?

        What kind of magical power does Re:Coil have? O_o I literately bought a litre of Curl Keeper *LOL* Will take me at least 6 months till I can try the next thing.

        O golly, I have not made a favourite product list haha. Will take your suggestion into account 😉 2018 has been completely crazy. I succeeded in no buy for makeup. But that stash is not going down 😦 will need to purge stuff.

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  2. Wonderful list! Definitely love the Nova Scotia Fisherman Lip Balm. I’ve also use a few Juice Beauty items and they’ve been great! I recently receive a lip gloss from them in my BoxyCharm and it’s awesome! I know that you love lip balms, but if you’re into gloss as well it’s worth trying.

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  3. Great list for someone like me to read through since I don’t actively seek out CF products.
    The Poetic Blend products look so chic – added bonus that it’s a Canadian brand.

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