Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device Progress After 4 Treatments

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Today I have my first progress report for the Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device. I have completed four sessions so far. My initial unboxing and first impressions are here if you’d like to read about that (and the technology itself). [info in italics taken from the Silk’n website]

Silkn 12

Just to re-cap – I decided to start testing on my lower leg, bikini line and underarms – all of which I have previously had laser hair removal treatments and needed touch ups. I had nine treatments over the course of about a year and a half – and that was about 8.5 or 9 years ago. I would say that my lower legs are roughly 70 to 75% hair free, underarms and bikini line are roughly 65 to 70% hair free. So I’m not starting at the very beginning.

Here’s what the Silk’n website says about the hair removal plan:

A typical full hair growth cycle may take 18 to 24 months. During this time, multiple hair removal sessions will be required in order to achieve long-lasting hair removal. The efficiency of hair removal varies from person to person according to body area, hair color and how the device is used. Here’s what a typical hair removal plan should look like during a full hair growth cycle:

Treatments 1 to 4: Two weeks apart. Treatments 5 to 7: Four weeks apart. Treatments 8+: Treat as needed, until desired hair removal results are achieved.


I have completed my first four treatments and have brief notes on the settings, and how I felt for each session. The machine makes a little zapping sound when it flashes, and you can hear the cooling fan inside the machine. Personally, I don’t think that it hurts at all, it just feels like a little heat pulse to me. I will say that areas where the skin is thinner (ie. underarms, back of the knee, and leg crease / bikini line) feel odd – not painful, just slightly uncomfortable in a weird sort of way. On my legs, it is such a breeze! There are two ways to use the Infinity Hair Removal Device with the pulse and glide methods:

To pulse, press the treatment surface against your skin. Work in rows either across or down the treatment area. The treatment surface creates temporary pressure marks on the treated area so you can see areas you have treated. After each pulse, move the treatment surface to the next spot. Keep doing this pulsing action for the area you are treating. Avoid gaps or overlaps as you use the device.

Gliding is the best technique for treating larger parts of the body. This technique is perfect for leg hair removal, under arm hair removal and treating large sections of the body. To glide, press the treatment surface firmly against your skin and slowly glide over your skin (either across or down as shown in the image). Make sure that the treatment surface is always touching your skin.

Silkn 11

Treatment #1 – March 10, I started by doing a patch test at level one to see how it felt, and then proceeded to do my underarms and bikini line at level 2, and my lower legs  at level 3. I felt that this first session was more to test how my skin reacted to the machine, and to get comfortable using the device. It was a little awkward at first, and slow as I was getting used to the process and handling of the device, using the pulse method.

Treatment #2 – March 22, underarms and bikini line done at level 3, lower legs at level 4. I felt like I was starting to get more comfortable with using the device, and was a little bit faster this time, still using the pulse method.

Treatment #3 – April 3, underarms and bikini line done at level 3, lower legs at level 4. Again, this time was faster, getting more comfortable using the device. Started using the gliding method, which was so much faster, and I felt that I has less chance of missing a spot.

Treatment #4 – April 19, underarms, bikini and legs done at level 4. I felt much more comfortable and less awkward using the device with the gliding method.

Silk'n Infinity Hair Removal Device

After four sessions, I do see a reduction in the amount of hair already! Both underarms and lower legs have the most noticeable reduction – I would estimate that I now have approximately 8% to 10% hair remaining for both underarms and legs, and about 12% to 15% remaining for the bikini line.

I will post my next update after treatment #6.

Thanks for reading have a beautiful day!

Disclosure: The Silk’n Infinity was gifted to me for testing and review purposes. However, my opinion is based on my experience of using this device (and of course, my experience might be different from yours).

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